Traveling and learning from spirits

I’m not sure which section am I supposed to post this in, as it’s a combination of divination and astral projection. The concept of astral projection can be applied not only to the self, but to the vision also. You yourself do not need to exit your body to “travel” someplace. Some people call it “remote viewing”, but this little practice involves the other senses as well. It can be done with exiting the body altogether or simply by remote viewing and sensing. You’ll see how it’s pretty much the same thing.

  1. Set up a source of light in front of you, eye level. It can be a lamp or even a candle.

  2. Invoke a spirit of your choice. A spirit that is a familiar to you would be best for this, as it involves trust.

  3. When the spirit is with you, ask it to lead you wherever it wants and teach you whatever it thinks it’s best for you. Either that or you can request specifics.

  4. With your eyes closed you can still see the light, as it penetrates your eyelids. Project into it and let the spirit lead you.

  5. Save travels.

You can use the same method with the light in front of you to travel by yourself. It’s an easier way to project. There is a reason why people see a light when they have a NDE.

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This actually really reminds me of parts of the DMT experience, which is definitely an NDE. You’re very aware of your presence in two very different places at the same time, your body wherever it is, and your awareness wherever it is.