Trapped in a dream

I’ve been havin this dream all my life were i know im dreaming, but are trapped and can only observe myself strugling with some dark beeing.
The last time i had this dream i got so angry at the beeing that the part of me observing got scared of myself, and so it seemed the beeing also got. It was always a pale black beeing, 8 feet tall with an long face who looked almost dead. I always feelt pure terror around it. But when it seemed like my uncouncious mind unleashed the true chaos and wrath of satan it shrunk to an 3 feet little shade and tried to hide under an bookshelf. The furious me even went after it screaming like an madman: I’m not scared of you, you little shit!!! Come here and I will fucking eat your soul. Not 1 day goes by were I dont think about that specific dream and feel the fear and terror for my own unconcious mind. Its both beautiful and scary

My question to you mr Koetting is: Do you think this entity playes with me or trying to teach me something or even trying to feed of my lifeforce? Do you think I scared it away?