Im liveing with a person that i really love and i was doing garden works today i had the nihilism
I thought why are we liveing if wr all going to pass away and people that we love too…
I am affraid that death is part of life
But i have come to the conclusion my life is meaningless my life have no worth and i thought if it is possible to make an ritual and goal would be give this person 20 years more of liveing and transfer my 20 years of liveing and health to this person woth that i would life 20 years less and this person would life 20 years more

Is it possible ? Im little affraid cuz its magic and i dont know if it would work otherwise…
What do yoy think about it ?

No. You can’t transfer your life span to someone else. This isn’t the movies.

And your life isn’t meaningless. It’s up to you to give it meaning.

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I think so, but no more than moving house, say. You have many lives, this is just another experience. We might get a bit nostalgic when we move out of one home to go to another, we’ll miss it maybe, but the new one is also cool and hopefully warm and safe and we enjoy it too. You don’t need to get so sad if all it is is a change of state. So, it’s not the end to move houses, or lives, it’s part of your journey as a spirit.

Help them eat healthy and work out to take care of their body and that will accomplish this. Too many people die early because they treat their dogs better than their own bodies.

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In that moment you decided not to kill yourself you created the seed of meaning to your life. You live because you don’t want to die. The idea that there shall be a meaning to life is a lie the abrahamic religions has sold you. Also why did you even join this group? Becoming a living god is not nihilism.