Trans-Dimensional Overlapping

Not sure where to post this but has anyone ever had a moment in time where they met someone or stumbled upon an object that may have been an artifact from another dimension then suddenly developed an alternative set of memories in relation to that artifact that differs from their prior memories of existing in the dimension they consciously believed to be living in?


I believe someone on here has, but without the object. I can’t remember the name of the thread for the life of me.

As for me, I’ve experienced bumping into someone who works at my company and joined around the same time as I did, but no one else had any memory of who he was.

Spent some time out in Corrigador, where the Japanese had their last stand in the Philippines, as I was getting clean off Heroin about 10 years back. Found pieces of a blown apart Jeep scattered in the waters walking the edge and took the mangled and corral attached hood ornament.

Decided to take a witching hour walk through the island with it in my hand and on the cliffs where the Japanese flung themselves off to avoid capture I had visions and flooded moments of flinging off the cliff at different eye level heights. In the tunnels where the japanese were burned to death with flame throwers I heard screams, and gunfire as what smelled like burning kerosine, plastic and rubber filled my lung for about 30 seconds. My Mom started crying when she held it and threw it into the ocean telling me to never talk about it again. Tried asking her regardless, first she claimed she didn’t know what I was talking bout, the time after she said it’d never of gotten through customs anyways.

Immediately after that spent days passed out on the island, dont know if it was the going cold turkey, but dreams were a suicidal hellscape with sounds of gunfire and screams going off in the darkness or just feeling cold alone and wet. The last day there a black snake hung down from a tree near me and I swear it talked to me before I saw an even bigger Sea Serpent swimming out to the ocean the opposite direction from any islands, I nearly missed the boat back to mainland watching that thing go out until it disappeared.

That is incredible

Perhaps a memory triggered from an artifact (the emblem) from your past life?

Do you remember what the snake told you?