Hi, needed advice on something related to trance. How do we confirm whether its a trance or someone is acting like a trance? If you know more about trance please feel free to share with me. Thank you


I really don’t get the question. Nor how it is related to magick.

You should tell us more.

There are certain physiological signs you can look for to see if someone is in a trance. Hypnotists check for these so they know when their clients are under.

Things like eye fixation, pupil dilation, slowing of respiration, slack in the facial muscles, a change in the blink reflex (if the eyes are closed, there can be rapid eye movement under the lids), eyelid flutter, immobility, lack of outer attentiveness and focus.

If you watch some of the videos of EA’s live rituals you can see his eyes roll back, his eyelids flutter, and rapid movement of his eyes when they are closed, all signs he is in trance.


Sorry, here is the story.

I got into left hand path because of arakan. This spirit (arakan) gets into my friend in trance. I am aware whats happening when he the spirit is there. The amount alcohol he drinks is extremely high. Once he leave’s the body, my friend wont be drunk at all. At a point my friend think he is a trickster spirit. My friend have done banishing ritual. He will be there smilling at him. But he do guides with King Amaymon evoking or even ritual. The only statement he said is he is under King Amaymon’s commandment and he is Leviathan. He also said he’s tongue is a serpent. My friend have even asked King Lucifer and also King Amaymon. We didn’t get satisfying answers from them. Arakan drank two bottles of gold label (raw)non stop. Its quite hard having a spirit that drinks alchohol like water. This is why I’m really confuse whether it’s a spirit or not. Does someone in trance will act like this?

Oh… TRANCE! I was sure you wrote trans.


Not generally, no, unless they have been given a hypnotic suggestion to do so.

However, possessed people are known to do such things. Those being ridden by the Voodoo LWA, for example, are known to drink alcohol without getting drunk, and swallow glass without being cut.