Trance with Shiva!

Ex- Hindu here.I used to be a devout Hindu who used to pray like crazy to Hindu Gods. Then gradually, hate for Hindu pantheon developed. I saw it as a whole lot of hogwash and bull crap. Then came my period of atheism and my hate for Hinduism developed even more. I hated being anywhere near a temple. It felt like someone’s sitting on my head and bashing with a hammer. Then I got introduced into the path of magick. I understood everything isn’t logic and reason. There is a lot more. Still, I avoided working with Hindu gods like anything. Their very sight makes my skin crawl.

Last Sunday, I was in a bus listening to songs on spotify. Idk how it got in my playlist but a mantra for Shiva started playing. I wanted to turn it off but I loved the music.I kept listening. Before I knew, a sense of calm came over me. I was shedding tears. I got addicted. I guess I accidentally slipped into trance. I couldn’t cry completely but I was tearing up. A strange sense of calm and peace. Would it be right to call it trance? Or is it something else?


was that music shiv tandav stotram?

Sounds like a trance to me.

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