Trance success


Hello everyone, I’m just making this to document my first success entering a trance. I started my journey in magic not long ago and back then I knew nothing at all and how to approach it until I came across the Balg forum where I found a lot of nice people who shared their knowledge with me. I’ve never understood how people can get into a trance so easily and I followed so many different methods and I just couldn’t seem to do it until this week when I finally entered it. I don’t know whether or not I was just in the TGS or Rapture or what, but I held it for so long I thought I was going to melt and sink into the earth🤣. I know this is probably easy as pie for most of you but I’m just excited and wanted to say thank you for helping me with this step in my journey.


That’s actually pretty good. I’ve been trying for almost a year now, but I get nothing but vague dizziness. I’ll probably never hit the rapture state, but I suppose not all of us are gifted with brain that function that way.


Thankyou, yeah I got that too at first but then it switches on you and before you even realise it your in deep. The method I used is when you gaze into a black and red pentagram and chant “A’lash tad alash Tal Ashtu” a couple minutes for 13 days to work on your trance. My experience happened on the fifth day, so I haven’t even completed all 13 yet. If you haven’t tried this method please do, I hope it can get you the same results as I got. I got this from @specialop btw, but I’m not sure how to link the post he made.


So you got success an I still haven’t


Congrats! I think it’s from one of the E.A.s books? Believe it’s in the evocation course? Did you paint a pentagram and gaze into it saying the mantra? Do you remember what it means or how E.A. got into its possession?


It’s an exercise from the evocation course. The mantra used was received from Azazel.


So that would mean introducing his powers into your life I guess?


Not really.

The mantra is given in the Book of Azazel and the evocation course workbook to “enforce demonic pacts and/or bindings.” It doesn’t call on Azazel specifically, but sort of represents the agreement Azazel and other spirits have with the Ascended realms to be a teacher for humanity, and EA uses it freely as a conjuration for entering TGS. Though it is in the demonic tongue, it can be used to open the seal of any spirit.