Trance States

Ive been working on entering trance deepening with a 25-1 countdown . Does loosing track of the count indicate falling into trance?

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Short answer: Yes, but no. That kind of state will be almost useless for magick. (read as: uphill battle)

It could, but it could also indicate other things. You don’t want to lose track of your count, nor trick yourself into thinking that just because you do, you have succeeded deepening a trance. Even in trance, you want to be lucid enough to operate and do your magick, and losing track of your count more often than not means you need more practice on honing your concentration and magical imagination. Which is great. Practice makes perfect.

Here are a few basic benchmarks you can find in just about any text worth its salt in magic:

Can you for 5-10 mins (start with 5 and work your way to 10): Observe your thoughts passively? Focus on one subject? Clear your mind of thought? Visualize an object? Move/rotate that object? Etc. Etc.

Could fill a whole book with exercises, but once you build up your mental stamina to be able to do those things, I think you will find trance work and falling in and out of trances to be much, much easier (as your ability to concentrate and focus on a task will go through the roof). The exercises are harder than they sound like.

I have assumed a lot about your practice and experience level in this post, if I had made any errors in judgement, I apologize ahead of time.


Depends on how good of a hypnotist you are.

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