Trance State

Well, i have been evoking King Paimon since this month, and i don’t know if i’m a able to get in trance or TGS but when i gaze at the candle’s light, relaxing my mind and pronouncing his enn i see like green lights or flashes in the wall and suddenly my eyesight goes dark until i blink or i move, is it the TGS?, and if it is, why i can’t listen to King Paimon?, i just only feel his energy on my back and i tell him that i want to hear him in that moment, i’ve heard him once in a dream and i heard his roar in my dream and we had a little conversation that i don’t remember at all, but i remember his voice, so, How can i hear him?, and i have reached the TGS?

Thank you in advance and sorry if my English is bad.


Being in the theta/gamma sync is just the beginning. It does not automatically mean you will be able to see and hear spirits. If it was, then anyone who ever enters that state would be deluged with the voices of spirits, and that is not the case.

It is only step one. You still have to refine your senses to pick up the subtle impressions of spirits.

Find a copy of Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits. He has some great exercises for the development of your astral senses. EA’s book Evoking Eternity has some great exercises as well.

Getting into a trance state is only the start.


So i have to keep evoking him? and trying to get a deeper contact with him?


Yes, and put in the effort to develop your senses.

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Based on my own personal experience, being in theta gamma sync is quite optional but better. It’s mandatory to have an active third eye for successful evocations.