Trance state?

I recall this one moment where they were picking a new Prophet for the LDS church. I am a Mormon but a truth seeker. I remember looking up into the sky then staring for about 10 minutes. I didn’t even blink or anything; it was just a stare.

While I started to get more in, everything started to get lighter and lighter. It felt like I was being transported to another place and I started to fall down. This was the first time I recalled that moment because it was the deepest trance state I ever had.

I started to move, but I was unconscious of the action and instead I was put into a rapture like state. I remember seeing so much things that don’t comply with life itself but cannot be explained. I’m sure you guys have many experiences yourself. This was spontaneous and I was too into the church at that time to call this something spiritual.

To my family, it was more of the spirits trying to take me or something superstitious. This didn’t feel like a trance state, it felt like I was physically teleporting as everything started to disappear. Anyone experience something similar?

You could have been connecting with a spirit. It almost sounds like you were “at the crossroads” I experience a similar effect when I channel a spirit.

I wonder how that was possible. I wasn’t doing anything. Just thinking of God and visualizing, then all of a sudden I was out.

Sounds like you were doing something. There are many ways to get to that state of mind. Relaxation, contemplation, rage, mind altering chemicals. Sounds like you were in a receptive state and were contemplating the divine, then the divine decided to say hello.

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When my experience happened, I was in an elative trance-state for nearly 2 full weeks. It felt like I was flying, like the air obeyed my command, like I was connected to everything, and I could sense things I never could before.

There was a strong(but gentle)vibration in my head, combined with what i can only describe as serotonin being released out the wazoo, giving me the impression that all things were pure love & ecstacy, better than any drug I’ve ever tried.

How did you get yourself there? Do you recall? As Orismen said, were you contemplating something? Learning new knowledge? Experiencing a breakdown? Praying? Anything?

I guess it was a bit of all of the above in my case.

I just watched Robert Bruce’s Kundalini interview with Nate on E.A.'s BecomeALivingGod youtube channel, and I’m wondering if this is what happened to me. I admit I know next to nothing about Kundalini, but what he describes is very close to my experience.

[url=]- YouTube

Perhaps you had some kind of Kundalini awakening as well, check out the interview.

you had an open-eyed astral projection. when i was younger i used to have that happen to me all the time but it would happen when i was asleep

I’ve seen the Interview and you won’t believe how many questions I’ve asked to Robert at his Astral Dynamics forum for the past year or so. Seriously if you drop him a question, he’ll answer it in less than a week. I’m ready to get Robert’s Raising Kundalini Program.