Trance Qusetion for people that have fully evoked a spirit to visible from

If some one gets in to the deepest trance will calling out to the spirit get it to show up be fast ?

like deep trance is like WiFi the deeper the trance the stronger the signal ?



And this is what must be fixed. What was common for our ancestors has been replaced with all the wrong ideas. What you need to do is change the way you view things. In magick the universe interacts with you on it’s own terms. You want to bring a spirit to visible manifestation but spirit by it’s very nature is not something that can be seen by the reflecting of light to the eye. It has no physical structure to give it form. It is free-floating consciousness with no central location, and not even consciousness as we know it to be from our experience of it. Even if it’s a human spirit like an ancestor, after death the consciousness changes drastically and is no longer like what we experience consciousness as while alive. The spirit exists in the realm of mind and it’s only from mind that you can “see” it.


Try equating it to learning to see with a new set of eyes.
I couldn’t wiggle my ears until I became aware of their muscles and by reaching into that awareness I was able to give them command.

It’s a matter of becoming aware of them but it’s hard because like the above person mentioned your trying to use the tools of this reality. You must (like the Jedi in Star wars said) “reach out with your feelings” for lack of a better term

(I have sleep paralysis so I don’t have to much to boast about because the awareness and how to see extra dimensional beings wasn’t learned for me but violently forced by a biological sleep disability)


I had sleep paralysis when I was a child, at least I think I did: it felt like I couldn’t take a breath and it took every muscle just to finally move and breathe again. But I always slept on my stomach so I never saw anything.


I got it on my stomach once or twice
But mostly I get it on my back.

The only thing I can move is my eyes and this leads to me seeing a wide variety of things but mostly on a lower vibrational scale based around fear.

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