Trance blocking

Hi every one.

So I have discovered that when I try to go into trance my subconscious is blocking me.

I have tried almost every method under the sun and moon to get into a trance.
Tribal drumming, shamanic drumming, hypnosis, guided hypnosis, being hypnotized by a hypnotherapist, bi-neural beats ect…

What can I do this is getting in the way of all my practices?


Your subconscious will only block you if you have preconceived notions of this action being negative in someway.

Usually it is previous religious beliefs still instilled.

Your subconscious needs to be reprogrammed to accept the practice.

Could also be other issues like hyperactivity or whatever which all in all still requires mastery of self.

Good luck

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Thanks but any advice???
What to do, to reprogram?

Hard to say without knowing your current state. Such as, do you maintain a level of negativity like belief you can’t succeed. Any religious issues? Can’t say without info.

You really just need to get into the mind set that all magick is good magick.

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