Traditional Satanism/Diabolism/ Devilry

Are there any other Traditional Satanists here in this forum? I know that this section is for Satanic/Luciferian topics but as we all know, the term Satanist has such a broad meaning these days. I am relatively new to the b.a.l.g. forum and I was just looking to possibly commune with some like minded individuals.


What are traditional satanist? Sorry for asking

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I’m a traditional Satanist

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I’m not a Satanist and I mean no insult, but where does the lore of Satan come from other than as the pure enemy?

I realize that Satanists are not what my definition of Satan would call for, but why not reject Xianism all together?

I’m not trying to convince you. I imagine that you have an interesting answer to those questions.

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By traditional do you mean pop satanism like the church of satan? Or are you talking about anti-jehova/christ and blasphemy?

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If you mean theistic Satanists, I consider myself one. But if you mean more specifically those who have a lineage of Satanic worship, then not so much.