Trading souls

Can we sell somebody else’s soul to a specific entity without letting them know or involving them, like cursing???

No you cannot sell someone else’s soul, you only own your own soul and thus have no right over another’s.

And even then any entity that would go into a contract soul related with you will not involve anyone outside of the contract, it’s often seen from my experience as you trying to keep the heat off yourself if you don’t hold up your end of the contract and push it on a 3rd party.


yep, just like @anon48079295 said, you cant sell someone else’s soul, goes against metaphysical law


Sure you can sacrifice them (I’m joking don’t try that please😂)

I agree with Velenos though.

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Almost sounds like a parody.


You can offer a target’s soul as a sacrifice in baneful work (“kill him with as much pain as possible and take his soul to torture for all eternity” is a pretty popular line in curses), but you cannot “sell” it, aka using it as payment for your own benefit, because you have no authority over it.

When offering another’s soul as a sacrifice, however, you are essentially telling the demon to not only remove the body from life, but the spirit as well, by exerting your will.


Ok it means you can’t trade somebody else’s soul in exchange of something you want… But is there any possibility to curse or trap somebody’s soul for a really long time where even after death his soul is being tortured by entities till the time he finds out a proper solution to that? Like the curses going on from one generation to another.

Yeah it should be allowed :joy::rofl:

What law brother, second astral amendment?


Yes curses like that exist/can be made, just like demons and such have been bound to brass so can the human soul/entity soul. It won’t really be trapped until after death since the soul is bound to the body it reincarnated into.


Okayyy I got it, was looking for something like this… thank you :heart:

there are some things that just cant be done, this is one of those things


What use has a soul anyway?

Whatever the entity has use for it. One being a soul can be used as a battery of sorts, or even food. There’s also servitude.


Okay… guess I should take some lessons from you lol. Thank you :heart: