Trading energy to protect people

I’ve been worried about a few people being affected by you know what.

anyway I did a protection spell thing cause I felt like I should.
I was like I’d trade my energy so they were safe. I just did the thing and I feel like something happenedd aa.

not to them but with the protection like working.

I don’t know the universe was kinda like. You sure??? and I was like. Y e ah

I just felt like I should come here…

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how do you fuck up a protection spell?
ive been sleeping at home and haven’t talked to someone irl properly for a bit so i start getting bored and fucking with things i don’t understand until my rational mind comes round and is like buddy you fucked up.

anyway i’m gonna kill someone not based off of a real person in my book lol

I can think a ton of things someone can be affected with. So no I don’t know what.

Interesting, usually most people won’t mess with people’s energy without their permission unless they wanna hex them. I know if I was one of these people I’d be at the very least super angry right now. Hope you cleansed that energy of yours at least.

yeah I worked it out with Apollo…

I was just going fucking weird cause I hadn’t talked to anyone in days and I wish I wouldn’t rush into shit I don’t understand : , )

they don’t seem mad anymore…

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