Trade of secrets in return for future assistance

I come to you guys a sad and broken man requesting help, assistance and advice from this community. At a point in the future, I will call upon those of you who are ready and willing to assist me in the destruction of my enemies. I cannot offer you much, but I will offer you the secrets, which like all magicians I keep close to my chest.

So here are the details.
My family has been suffering from an actual family curse, I did not believe it until earlier this year when I noticed how the rumors of the curse were actually manifest in; my life, those of my siblings, my father and his siblings. For the men to be unsuccessful and the women to be barren or unmarried. I am of Ghanaian or Akan descent this is significant because this and the neighboring countries have a powerful witchcraft tradition even I am afraid of it with all my workings. Most of the slaves taken to Haiti, the Caribbean and Louisiana/New Orleans are from that area of Africa. When my father and his two brothers decided to emigrated to South Africa, their sisters cursed them and took away all protection from the curse.
Moving a bit forward.
My father’s younger brother is a nice man and does not feature in the scenario. My father’s older brother however married a witch who has somehow been able to partly shield him from the curse because he has become quite wealthy considering, however the curse has manifested in him becoming overly materialistic. Anyway, so growing up with this uncle, as children, we soon realized that all he ever cared about was money and so we never really got along with him or his family. I am a bit too young to remember, but apparently there was bad blood between my mother and them, my father still cared for his brother, but this uncle only cared about money.
Moving a bit forward, about 10 - 6 years ago.
One of my cousins was taken under the wing of my uncle, he in fear for his life began to stay away from him as he had heard the rumors about my uncle’s wife. She was said to have been involved in the killing of a few people who got too close to my uncle and his money. After a couple of years, my uncle invited my cousin to his house. A few months after this encounter, my cousin died in a horrible car accident. The method of choice is to place something in the food of your victim. My understanding is that they place a spirit inside your food, you eat it and the spirit magnetizes death toward you or something. But it has happened so often that people in my family are afraid of her.
Moving forward to earlier this year.
My uncle lived across the country and so we didn’t deal with them so often, but he began to reconnect with my father. They started to chat and my uncle started to come visit every so often. My uncle said he was looking for a house in the town close by to where my parents were living, apparently he decided to change state and was going to move.
Two weeks ago.
My parents were going to a wedding and while on their way to it, they hit a sheep which took out one of their headlights. On the way back they were involved in a head on collision and another car hit them from behind. Both my parents and one of their close friends were killed by the impact. As soon as I found out the news, I immediately knew witchcraft was responsible, and the more I find out about the interactions between my uncle and my parents and the details, the more I am convinced. My uncle apparently came up with a “brilliant idea” when he showed up at my parents home. Only 3 days after the accident, this piece of shit asks us if he can fix up the house and and live there with his family while he “looks for a new house”. At that moment I realized that he had planned to take our house from us then pay us way below market value for it. He was also asking for some of my mothers possessions before they were even buried.
4 days ago
During my parents funeral, he and his wife did not shed a single tear. They sat there in such a sad environment stone faced. The little divination I have done points to them as the culprits.

So in the future, I plan to make them suffer for all they have done but I am not sure how powerful they are so that is where the community comes in. For what I want to do, I will ask any who are willing to help. I plan on having a mass attack on some particular day, I will at some point reveal details about them and pictures of them. I would be asking you to risk your lives so in return, I will reveal all that I know and have experienced to your benefit. The attack will probably take place next year sometime as I am unable to doing workings as I am unable to concentrate. I want to heal and rest up before I attack. In the meantime, I will post all I know here.

Hi Nero;
My condoleances on the loss of your parents and cousin. It seems you truly are under a bind here.
You have not said anything much about who is left with you I mean, how many sibling do you have, sexes, and ages? Are any of them attached to your uncle, or does he show any attachment to any of them? Has he approached you personally, done anything or indicated that he’d do anything to you whatsoever?
Demanding your mother’s things before her burial was heartless indeed. For what I see, the power behind him is his wife, so if you have to ‘attack’ anyone, begin with her.
Can you explain what you mean when you say members who help you will have to put their lives in danger? And tell us more about what you are offering to give us in exchange

I have three other siblings, my sister who is the oldest, and two older brothers. When his wife arrived for the funeral, all of us could feel this weird pressure and this sickening feeling. My sister is a heavy Christian but she could still somehow feel it. He hasn’t explicitly said much but, I’m really good at reading people and their intentions.

I say members will be putting their lives in danger because the African black magic currents are particularly strong and fast working, I also do not know what connections she has, but I know she knows people in Ghana who are also powerful witches. There is a lot of infighting so people have a lot of experience dealing with and throwing curses. It’s one of the origin of voodoo current.

At least now onto something more positive. I don’t expect anyone to help, I just want people to take the information I offer and decide if they wish to assist me. I’ve been influenced by a lot of games and anime so they have shaped the way I understand and label concepts so bear with me. Here’s the first bit.

Lesser Magic: Stigmata
I use the phrase lesser magic to denote magic that serves to support the ritual rather than be the aim of the ritual. I use the word stigmata because of the phenomenon, but like most things christian, it has its roots in something much older. I discovered this powerful gem while in an altered state and have only tried it twice because of lack of time and the progression it caused. I like to take my time to fully integrate with a spirit and build a connection before I begin to use it. It actually brought forth 3 spirits instead on 1. This thing made evoking a lot faster and more powerful to my detriment. I was more fatigued than I would have liked to have been and could feel my body being upset and out of balance. This technique was also discovered by mistake although I think a spirit gave it to me.

The technique is simple. you start by evoking blood upon your hands. You need a reddish liquid or you can use actual blood if you want, but I wouldn’t suggest blood unless you have done this a couple of times. When you evoke blood onto your hands, you begin to feel as though there is actual blood on your hands and can evoke a spirit with blood as the medium. It would be like your hands were covered in actual blood with you using them to evoke. This should accelerate your progress and make for a more solid materialization. If you are using this technique properly your vision should develop a reddish tint especially around the peripherals of your vision. Good luck and be safe.

I was wondering, can you tell us how your attack against your uncle and his wife went two years ago, (as you were proposing to pay them back for murdering your parents in witch craft accident?
I apologize if you have reported on that, but I have been away from the forum for quite some time now, I am back however and I am trying to catch up on the posts that interested me the most…
Thanks in advance…

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If you really want some baneful magick done, call on NORATH. I may not be able to help directly brother, ill sure as hell try.

My aunt is now dead but I haven’t seen my uncle in a long time. Reading my post again, I can see I was very emotional back then, a lot calmer and composed now. I think it might not have been them that did something but I’m not sure, you never truly know with these things.