Towards Eternity: incinerating my old self

Thanks! I was looking at that book previously :slight_smile:

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Lahiri Mahasaya said that the after effect state from kriya yoga is more powerful than any technique. SantataGamana goes to great lengths to emphasize the same. This seems to be the case, the state of bliss and consciousness attained from kriya supreme fire might even be more important than the technique itself.

I’ve been thinking about kundalini lately, and I’m not that enlightened on it, nor can I say anything with certainty, but I think it’s likely an experience that can be had with the energy circuit. It would be sort of dumb if the energy body just shot a ton of energy up to the crown and flung it out into space. I notice this with kriya supreme fire, after the energy goes up my spine it rounds the crest of my head and goes back down the front of my body.

I had an interesting experience last night. I awoke into what might have been the astral equivalent of my room. It was diffuse with silvery light, and the covers were flung off my bed. A deep and resonant voice started talking to me, it came from above. My body started vibrating as the voice introduced itself as my higher self. The voice told me some interesting messages which were all underscored by the theme of getting out of my own way, overcoming blockages, trying harder, the usual stuff. I’m sure that I could make tons of money on private consultations saying stuff like that.

I’ll take its advice though.

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That is exactly what the kundalini is, an energy circuit. If you’re interested, I recommend the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris. The author himself went through the Kundalini using qi gong, and describes the process from a non-religious Western perspective.

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I am noticing a lot of synchronicity and signs in my life. I don’t experience other synchronicity that people report, like angel numbers, rather I have deja vu moments that often come with a flash of precognition for the next 5 - 30 seconds. These moments are often spontaneous.

There have been periods in my life when I go months without experiencing these moments, the last 2 months I’ve experienced more than I have in my entire life. I don’t want to say I’m getting close to something, but something is at play and I don’t really know what it is.

After I listened to the concordia booster for a while I got pretty good results, but for some reason I couldn’t get back into subliminals. I found a great new subliminal channel, Wabbajack Subs, that is like absolute power subliminals except they focus on more specific things. I made a bundle of their subs.

I think they’re working well, as I am noticing some resistance, but not an insane amount.

I’ve been trying to have success with falling asleep while manifesting. I understand the last thought on our mind before sleep is very powerful. I don’t remember when I fell asleep the last two nights but I think I had success.

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More signs and synchronicities are happening.

Yesterday I got really intense resistance symptoms from the subliminal I was listening too, but I think I’m turning the corner, which is awesome.

As an experiment I started a YouTube channel making subliminals last week. I used Labusi’s sigil to make it go viral. So far I’m totally surprised I already have about 65 subscribers and someone from another channel contacted me wanting to make a collaboration subliminal.

Last night I had another experience with my higher self or something else wanting me to project. I laid down to fall asleep and relaxed, almost immediately vibrations started from the third eye and I felt that my body was spinning. I think it has something to do with the subliminals I’ve been listening to.