Touched while half awake

I was touched and felt up while I was drifting in and out of sleep. It felt extremely good, I felt this strange feeling of almost low vibration of a hum made feel uneasy. But I wasn’t afraid. Just a bit uneasy. Then an old woman took me to a room there were many rooms in this place sexual situations was the theme. She held my head and with a tool of some sort started to write something on top of forehead, below the hairline on each side above the brow. As she did this I had this tingling sensation I can’t describe well all I know is that I wasn’t afraid or in pain. Lucifer suddenly appeared and I told him I’ve seen Hell , he inspected my brow and said yes you have . More was said but I can’t remember. I haven’t told anyone can you imagine ! Smh the looks I’d get. But Lucifer has appeared to me in the past. I’m at a loss as to what to do. Any advice , I have an open mind so fire away.


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Meditate on that dream and clues may appear if this was a message or something more meaningful. The subconcious speaks to us in symbols not words.


Will do thx!

I’ve also had a dream similar to this place of many rooms.

Excuse my explicitness, but I was lying on my belly on what seemed to be a bed of sorts. And yes, there were multiple rooms in this place. Then, I felt a demon come up behind me, caressing my back with claws, rubbing against me. I was absolutely aroused, very hard to resist. Then, he grabbed my hips and penetrated me anally. It was quite pleasurable and it felt real. After the demon came, an old woman appeared in the room and told the demon to cease. Shortly after, I awoke.

Quite profound that I stumbled on this today.

That dream was actually my first experience with anal sex. I also give credit to that experience for my preference to anal penetration compared to vaginal penetration.

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Learn magick, so that you can be in control a little more of what you experience, and so you can talk to Lucifer or other spirits properly with evocation, is my best advice.

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