Totem or pure coincidence?

For a couple of years including now,I’ve been spotting lizards around me.I mean I might be just walking along a path and i turn my head and Bham,he’s there on the tree.I don’t need to look for it consciously,they just appear,on a walkway,tree,fence…it just keeps coming on.This has been occurring for at least 6-7 years…other people who are with have a hard time to sport the lizard,whereas I effortlessly spot them…personally I’ve always loved to reptiles as I think they are creatures that are often misunderstood…Could the lizard be a totem or is it just pure coincidence ? It will be weird if it’s coincidence, as I’ve mentioned above,this has been going around for quite some time…

You can’t be aware of everything around you, attention is a limited resource. Since you can only be aware of things by focusing your attention on them, that means there is a lot of stuff around us we are going to miss.

You just have an affinity for spotting lizards. When I walk down the street with my GF and there is a superball on the sidewalk, she never sees it but I always do. It’s not that the ball is my guardian, I just happen to think superballs are awesome.

If you cultivate the ability for divination you’ll be able to pull patterns and meaning from everything that happens around you. You’ll realize your unwitting role as architect of your own world. Not saying that the significance is that the lizard is your totem animal, but if you intuit something meaningful in the phenomenon then there -is- a significance if you open yourself to the message that, chances are, you are sending yourself.

Urgh but that was mystical. I swear it’s not bullshit.

We are all parts of the same thing. Even when a person says something to you, it is the Universe itself speaking to you. Listen to it, for it has many things to tell you. Divination is the same thing: the Universe speaking to you. You can divine in anything. I would say cultivate the ability of archetypal thinking.

For example, Pazuzu: to find the meaning of your experience with seeing lizards, what does a lizard represent? What does a lizard do? It’s a reptile, so it represents instinct, nature, the capacity to regenerate/regain lost things/parts of yourself, etc. Maybe this is a sign for you. What do you think such a symbol is trying to tell you?