Total Newbie

Thanks so much I’m new here I like to say hello to everyone. I’m asking that for a total new person wanting to learn the left hand path. What course would be the very first course u would get from E.A. And would u get a book and video course ?


Do you have any experience in magick or are you a complete beginner?

Totally new I am just learning


Thanks for answering, and welcome. :slight_smile:

EA’s courses are meant to be followed in order, so it would go Mastering Divination, Mastering Evocation, and then Mastering Soul Travel. Those cover all the basics.

If you want just a book, I’d go with either Works of Darkness or Evoking Eternity.

What do u think of his course black magic the left hand path for me ?

It’s not really for beginners. To get the most from it, you need to have the basics down already.

Ok thank u for the info so your saying best ones for me are ? Sorry just trying to make sure I get the right course and thank u again.

The Mastering series is what you should start with. Then you can move on to the pathworking courses like Black Magick, which require the foundations set forth in the beginner courses.

So Mastering Evocation or Mastering Divination is what I would start with.

Thank u for so much for your help.