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Swami Rama: Voluntary Control over Involuntary States Project

Swami Rama.

I’m surprised many of these spiritual masters in India don’t do what this one had done. Hell, he was even going to go into samadhi if they had the equipment. FUCK! I wish I saw it!

How practical was his magick?

Did it fix the homeless guys who really don’t want to be, homeless, but who just found themselves washed up that way?

Did he have an answer to the greatest magickal question of all - why we deliver, in our lives, results we do not LIKE?

I really have no idea. He just prefers non attachment to any kind of desires of man. He prefers scientific discovery of the unknown.

He’ll leave with his famous saying: “All of the body is in the mind, but not all of the mind is in the body.”

It’s definitely meaning we have the subtle parts of us and that an even higher body can be controlled by an even higher mind.

Eva, you got to understand that the priorities over there and in their system are COMPLETELY different, in a sense that even though things like money and material wealth are important, after a point you don’t focus on it. Also, you can’t just bypass the basics; they spend a lot more time focusing on the basics than most Western magicians do.

If you deliver results you don’t like, that means you rather aren’t prepared for what you ask for, or that you didn’t know what you were doing. It’s not that hard of a question to answer, I just think that most magicians highly overestimate what they do with magick. So this is not too much of a question that arises with Eastern Tantra or spiritual systems.

My instructor talked to me about this very thing when mentioning goddess mantras. Folks would petition the Goddesses for things, and the next thing they know they are crying because their life is shattered. Then they don’t complete the mantra sadhana, and are left with a shattered life. They didn’t complete it, which the result would’ve rendered a completely renewed life that was not only for the best, but far better than they could’ve imagined.

The magick is completely practical, but like magick in general, there isn’t anything that is gonna be available to everyone. You could hand some folks a ready-to-use Philosopher’s Stone and they still would wind up dead broke all their lives. But the Swami is a megabeast, and his literature is pretty on-point. But it’s a lot different than what is talked about here; it’s all about empowerment of the person through naked work (not involving entities), at least in initial stages. If you come across entities, it’s one a whole different scale other than “Fix my life,” “Give me money,” “Find me a girlfriend”.

As for why yogis don’t have it done: There is no reason for them to get their stuff validated by science, in consideration that what he is validating is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, despite that there are plenty of tests on yogis and monks, it hasn’t really helped the public at large to recognize how valuable it is, and even with this research, many yogic claims and experiences would still be considered nonsense fantasy.