Torus Fields

Torus fields are the Electromagnetic energy fields around the body one could say its the aura itself.

I’ve experienced a lot of magick with torus energy;

  • Astral Projection
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairvoyance with physical eyes
  • Shapeshifting
  • Timelessness
  • Telepathy

This is only what i’ve experienced but i know there to be more to it.

I never consciously worked with torus fields until now

I found an exercise that really helped unlock its potential just in a matter of minutes

I modified it a little, according to damien echols, the faster your torus field rotates, it clears the energy blockages and metaphorically karate chops external energies, so it is the foundation for crystalizing the aura

so increasing the hand movement speed with the breathing and accelarating torus rotation visually and emotionally, my clairvoyance, clairaudience and the astral plane itself became very vivid.

I encourage everyone to try this out and maybe even modify it your liking

as a side note; I suggest exhaling when bringing the hands up from the central channel, this is the correct method in my opinion because it also reflects the diaphram, and exhaling also brings the energy upwards and erects the spine so might want to try that out also


Quick update on the torus energy

I was meditating last night and I was spinning my torus field

I was slowly accelerating its speed and then suddenly it stopped spinning, at least it appeared that way because it was so fast

I achieved a state of timelessness, I got vivid clairvoyant visions and my soul went through a healing, or my heart to be more exact, I retrieved a part of my soul I lost touch with when I was a child, it created a lot of solar plexus healing and I automatically jumped into a higher frequency timeline

So basically the key to channeling anything… is you want to speed up your torus field so much to the point where there’s no time anymore

When there’s no time there’s no separation either

It all happens instantaneously, so if you ask a question to an entity, it gets answered as you ask the question because there’s no time

The reason people have to think long and hard is because they’re still thinking in terms of language and they’re still operating in time

Essentially this practice will raise your vibe

Not through positive self talk or acting love and light or anything like, this is all mental, this is precursor to all things that are of high vibrational nature, you’re going to down to the energy rather than the symptom

So circulating the energy is all that’s needed and you don’t even need to do any breathing or anything, it’s literally all in your consciousness

Hopes this helps, this has become a foundation in practice now


Can this help with astral travel?


could you share more such exercises?
This one gave me great results within the first days

There’s method called self possession by the astral body, you basically with intention and visualization you Jump into your astral body and and visualize that you’re possessing your physical body

You can take it a step further and do this will all 7 bodies and when you do energy work from that state you’re basically cleansing your organs, chakras etc.

It’s basically what’s done in the middle pillar but I’ve noticed the middle pillar is unnecessarily long, you can get much more done with this and Qigong

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Watching this thread, great stuff @Alahimavatara

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Understanding the nature of sacred geometry allows one to gleam a greater understanding of the torodial field in general, instead of the westernised new-age new concepts of whats known as ‘the torus’


Definitely, I’ve noticed the torus field is actually a miniature version of the flower of life or spiral of life that resembles a pine cone which is identical to the torus field, so in a way we’re a little universe

The sacred geometry for sure plays a part in it because the light itself condenses into rays of angels which then manifest as geometry, the perfect example for this would be Metatron which is an Angel that it literally represented by a fascinating geometrical patterning, the angels are basically angles of light that are body parts of a larger geometry, they fractal out into other realms of existence and express themselves accordingly but as a totality it is an orb of non vibratory light due to its timeless and spaceless qualities, one could say it is the Christ perfection which is represented by the pine cone, pineal gland, the aspect of nature that is represented as Horus, the perfected self, HGA, Higher self, the universal body, Krishna, Godhead, it’s a really powerful yet simple technique to become one, to integrate all angles of light and by doing so one becomes the concept which represented as the ipsissimus

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