Years ago a did single, very bad ritual calling on demons. I got contact fast. Years when by and nothing happend much. Then I year ago this ”spirit” came in to my existence showing me immense love. Now the my life contains of diffrent spirits showing me love but tormenting me immensly. I have no control over this. Confusion is the first name of this. Could someone help me? Using their skills to get a understanding of my situation? The torment is going to kill me, never experienced anything so intense ever. It is hell.

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So they give you love and torment at the same time?

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Yes my life have containd of experiences of immense, divine love with a fall into pits of dispair, seeing monsters tormenting my mind and emotions. I can make out if Im on a path of awakeking with all its pitfalls or if I am a victim of tormenting spirits and being helped by good ones. So confusing.

If spirits have decided to re-enter your life and you didn’t call on them there is a very good reason they are there. Unless someone has it out for you, I doubt they wish you ill will. Have you tried contacting that same spirit again to find out what’s going on?

I would seriously consider whether you have attracted the attention of parasites and do some banishing and protection work. Search the forum for things like "Keteriya Luna servitor, “Seal of Manifestation”, “Raziel seal to defend against imposters”, and “DarkestKnight angelic mantras”. This should give you a good place to start.