Tore tendon

Hey guys, I just got scan results and I tore my tendon. Sports are a huge part of my life and my mental health escape. Is there any ritual you recommend for a miraculously fast recovery? Thank you :pensive:


Archangel Raphael & Goetia spirit Marbas

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Thank you :raised_hands:t3:

Wish you a speedy recovery, been there.

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Thank you :pensive:

Fasting to maximise healing. It’s ridiculous what it can fix.


tendons need collagen to repair. so you need to eat foods that have those or take supplements if you lack. you also need to up your vitamin C as that is require of the body to make collagen.

tendons really is a mother to fix as there is lack of blood flow. stimulation of slow mobility range of movements when able to do so and massaging surrounding area can help.


Yeah bone broth is good for that. Then there’s also specific hormones you can try to manipulate with magick. Think about what professional athletes do. HGH and peptides like TB500.

This is TB500, it’s non-FDA approved and professional athletes have been using it for over a decade for anything from concussions to tendon and ligament tears:

These types of peptides are seldom talked about. But, they’re the reason athletes really come back from career ending injuries these days. I believe Peyton Manning got exposed on it about a year after he retired but it all went hush.

The more you learn about biochemistry, the more you’ll learn how far behind actual approved medications are compared to medical research.


fda control the drugs /medicine prescription. they are in it for money. most useful healthcare service /methods won’t be told cuz of corruption of fda. many think fda is protecting us but they are bought out. they make illusion that they protecting you. If they cared they would allow all those natural methods to be known but it is against their drug profits so they bury many things that help people. it’s true. if you put your detective skills to work you’ll find out so many things. Atleast in usa. Other countries are more open to natural healing. usa is mainly focus on drug route which isn’t healing in my opinion. there are exceptions doctors but that’s not the mainstream that’s push on us.


I left it where I left it cause we’re not allowed to get political on the forums.

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@DragonsBlood Buer can heal all illness and disease and speed recovery from an injury, I would try Buer since he’s a demon of healing. Don’t overlook angels as well. Sometimes I think a lot of black magicians overlook angels because they aren’t “dark flair” enough for them. Even when I explain that angels will focus and guide demons and strengthen the working ( whatever your desired results, they will not judge, they will help bring you your desired results and, while demons are capable of a lot on their own, there are some things they can’t do without the authority of the angels ), I still get people saying things like “I would never work with any angel”. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be helpful to some pissed off youngster who thinks it’s cool to worship Satan ( who they also think is the same entity as Lucifer ), burn in hell, and live their lives to the words of a Slayer song ( I wasn’t referencing you, just mentioning some of the ridiculous things I’ve heard from self proclaimed “servants of the dark lord” )


@DragonsBlood try healing rituals with: