No answers from me mundopincha but curious you post this as I just read this earlier this week when looking for the most effective baneful Magicks that was out there and this seemed to be it. I wondered if it would be feasible to open nine sigils at once and whether this has attendant risks to the power of nine compared to using one nether?

I suspect the worst outcome is it just wouldnt work but i would be glad to hear an opinion from someone who has atempted it. My hunch would be that summoning one appropriate nether to kill when in the proper state of mind would be more effective than summoning nine like this when not in the proper state of mind and connection…But what do I know…


sorry i haven’t posted in a while but my life’s turned to shit and i’m trying to sort myself out.

i’ve evoked Dra’talon, but his presence is unusual. once i saw his sigil and decided to evoke, i couldn’t get it out of my mind, and suddenly he was just “there”. just beyond visible perception, but his presence was chilling and unmistakable. i perceived him to be very much like Baraka from mortal kombat. he seemed to be very “dark”, although i don’t know if he was wearing dark clothing or if his skin is a very dark colour. in any case, i got the impression of long, metal teeth and piercing eyes.

when i tried to evoke him later, i couldn’t contact him and couldn’t feel his presence. very odd. now, though, i can feel him simply because i’m writing this post. he seems very “human” in the sense that he is, ultimately, murder incarnate which is a very human attribute (i.e, other animals don’t usually “murder” for personal gain of whatever sort). overall, Dra’talon is easy enough to work with, but don’t underestimate what he can bring out in you. he seems to be the reflection of all human malice and scheming, and if you’re not ready to see that within yourself (and you really DO have to be honest with yourself here), then you should look at other means of getting what you want.

for the record, it’s been several months and i’ve not heard of any progress regarding my evocation of Dra’talon. although he comes readily and is frequently “around”, he doesn’t report back and seems to go about his/your business at his leisure. i’ll be sure to post if he completes his task, but that’s assuming i even hear about it.

i haven’t tried evoking the 9 from BM.

kind regards, james.