Well, congratulation! You have found a good ally in Sallos. keep that alliance clean and you’ll get his help during your whole earthly life. I wish things had been so cleanly settled for me when I needed them to be.

[quote=“nnnslogan”]… YOU can be transformed into the version of yourself that gets what you want.

Very cool.[/quote]

^ AWESOME statement! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the results, damn I wish I’d known this stuff in my 20’s… :\

[quote=“nnnslogan, post:1, topic:4976”]I had a hormonal crisis recently. I was seeing someone who was in an open marriage and they had multiple partners. Initially I thought I could handle it. I’ve had non-exclusive FB type relationships before. For some reason something went wrong mentally. I lost it. I started to feel limerence, falling “in love” with her. She’s pretty awesome, but there was really no reason for me to fall in love with her considering the situation. We had a lot of fun together, and we have a lot in common, and she’s beautiful, but a poly relationship isn’t really on my agenda. I just thought we’d have some fun, and I lost perspective.

I started getting weird, texting her too much, saying things that didn’t fit our arrangement, getting romantic. I had to STOP. It was making her uncomfortable, and I was getting embarrassed and feeling foolish.

To fix this, I tried to contact Sallos, a Goetic known for his dedication to monogamy among other things. First I consulted him. The next night I asked him for help. I fell asleep while staring at his sigil and chanting his enn, asking for his help.

When I awoke, the limerence was gone. I was normal again. I didn’t want to marry her or spend my life with her or whatever. I wasn’t even fantasizing about holding her or kissing her. I could still remember that she’s hot, and feel attraction and lust, but not that other weird stuff, that energy that focuses on mating. It was gone!

Oddly enough I felt a strange energy in my chest, and somehow I imagined it was like he had tied up my heart in a cocoon made of energy strings, or like he was holding it for me somehow. He had become my partner in this, and was helping me get over her. It’s an amazing gift to give another being, and I’m very thankful that he did this for me.

I didn’t feel perfect, of course, but at least I didn’t feel like I wanted to beg. I prefer to be a dom, not a sub, and I don’t want to be in some dude harem either. Fuck that. No matter how much I like her, I want to be number one.

Sallos is empowering and a great help.[/quote]

Sounds like you should do a good cut and clear while calling upon the mighty power of Sallos!

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