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Out of curiosity, what are your primary ethical principles?

Care is necessary in all aspects of life, particularly dangerous ones.

Since we follow no path, save our own, it follows that our principles will vary to some degree. What you mention is an extreme circumstance, but even so had I a gun and encountered an armed attacker, my first reaction would sure as fuck not be to fire off a few rounds without doing a bit of calculating first. A) My aim sucks. B) How desperate is the assailant. C) Location, public, witnesses.

Shit, I do believe, I would permit the robbery were it clear that my self and family would be safer should I do so. By that same token, were a strangers’ house on fire and they inside, I would walk away with a clear conscience.

Also, what is ‘religious morality?’

I want my life and the people in it governed by integrity, kindness, trust, intelligence, and understanding. Those are principles lauded by religious teachings. I also seek immediately to ask forgiveness and make recompense when I’ve displayed asshat-ish behavior. In fact, all of my moral principles are backed religiously somewhere. The major difference is that I live without moral LAWS. My principles can be rearranged and reordered as needed.

My mortal life is my most valued possession 99% of the time, yet, I’m pretty damned likely to leap in front of a bus to nab my baby, whereas, I’d hesitate for an older child of mine. I have no desire to imagine that the world is full of stalkers, kidnappers, rapists, and corruption. Why live in fear and attract the bullshit? My understanding of magic is that it works on a principle of attraction. I word my sigils to attract the desired result. I’d avoid like the plague, a talisman charged with, “Don’t let me get sick,” because …it would have an opposite effect. Rather, I’d use something to promote health.

If someone came to me with extreme issues as outlined above, I’d sure as FUCK distance myself from that person. My duty is to me first; screw being a team/coven player. If my Will Be Done, then it follows that MY World is one where I live in Joy. Without fear. Without trauma. Without a hit list of enemies.

Bottom line: If I was on the road with my family, we’d be singing fucking showtunes, munching apples, telling stories, and arriving safely at our destination without a fuss. Then, the kids would go cheerfully to bed, my lover and I would have passionate sex, after which we would comment on the poor saps we saw getting knifed alongside the highway.

The best way to deal with all that shit, negative thoughtforms and whatever is not to fucking tell people you are doing baneful works, at least until you have achieved your outcome.

Loose lips sink ships! Remember and abide within the Fourth Power of The Sphinx and most of these problems will disolve.

Good topic.

There’s always a danger when someone posts about some planned baneful work, especially if they’re not experienced, that any attempt to help them (or at least, what’s experienced by the person responding as helping in good faith) will come across to the poster as an attempt to weigh them down with restrictions etc.

I don’t think hurling curses round willy-nilly when you’re new to magick and have no protections or pacts in place that can protect you, is a good idea - not because of karma, but because even ordinary people often have guardians (ancestors etc) who can retrun a curse to sender, and any experienced magician will have a lot more than that plus might retaliate further.

Warning someone about the practical side of that’s important IMO but it also risks implanting the idea in the person’s head that their curses won’t work and will rebound… so it can be quite tricky.

The issue with curses is that they shouldn’t be used to fulfill every evil thought. They should be used for genuinely defensive/righteous purposes. You also need to be mindful that you directlycare in contact with negative energies when cursing, do you need to cleanse yourself afterwards. Furthermore, like Eva said, you need to make sure you’re protected from a target’s possible guardians and preferably have your own.

I agree with Euoi - cleansing is always a must after any kind of baneful work. I like taking hyssop baths. It’s also a good idea to do divination before baneful work to identify any problems such as spirit guardians or unexpected outcomes. Tarot is obviously ideal for this.

[quote=“nnnslogan, post:1, topic:4515”]If you tried to kill these people with a gun, you would go to prison. If you hired someone else to do it, they would trace it back to you and the same results occur. Realistically you’re just trying to defend yourself against people who just won’t stop trying to destroy you. Your nature normally is “live and let live” but these people are insane, and they just won’t stop. For whatever reason they’ve decided that you’re “the devil” and they have to destroy you. You have no choice but to become that devil and destroy them or be destroyed yourself.

When you turn to your coven (or whatever kind of order) with such problems, there should be no hippie karma bullshit resistance to destroying these people. Your enemies will kill you of you don’t kill them.

It takes purity of will to oppose such people, and if you want to live, you must prevail against them.[/quote]

I agree that there should be no such false illusions as karma and the like. I have no morality when it comes to magick. I’ll seduce and manipulate. I’ll cause hexes and curses. I don’t care.

Is it ok if I use the dry hyssop plant for bath ?