This is how I felt when Algiz called to me, and I met Nidhogg.

So yeah, Astarte’s calling you. Consider it being selected, IMO.


I had a similar experience once although it was when I met a person, not a sigil of a spirit. I learned a lot about myself and my life is completely different because of how I transformed through knowing that person. Even though that person was only in my life for a couple months, my life has been changed forever, and my self knowledge… It took me over ten years to completely understand the effects.

I suggest to continue to explore it and discover the truth about your experience.

[quote=“varmint, post:1, topic:2973”]Has anyone experienced something like this?
Should I consider this a gift? And use it to get into the rapture?
Is Astarte calling me?[/quote]

The best thing you can do is some divination on what the outcome will be for you if you take this up and work with it.

I’d personally see it as an invitation, but not necessarily a good one: there’s a slim chance it could be something from a former life or some other kind of connection that may not automatically be favourable for you.

I can’t disclose details but this has happened to someone in my past, they’d been murdered because of reasons relating to an entity, and that entity wanted back in once they were reborn, and it wasn’t good.

I do think you’d be silly to ignore it though, I don’t ignore anything EVER where I feel drawn to some entity or some new way of working and so long as you do a reading of some kind (or have one done for you, ideally by someone not into a white-light paradigm where they value humility and “lessons” and stuff) then you should be able to know where to go from here.