Look into native american shamanism, specifically that of the Hopi and Anasazi tribes. Many of them refer to these spirits as allies, and their stories say that they are extremely hard to win over and tame, but once you do, they are yours to command for life. Many time shamans will take on the powers of their allies, and be able to shift into their form at will, or with the aid of psilocybin mushrooms, or even datura. Definitely read some of Carlos Castaneda’s stories, if you havnt already


i have not read any of his work so thanks, will do.


Michael Harner, it gives a good aproach to shamanism, he was an antropologist who learned shamanism from a shuar shaman in the amazons… he lost all his “scientific” credibility after that (“scientific” with “” 'cause I don’t think antrolopogy is science, being an ex antrolopgist myself).

“The way of the shaman” from Harner is a good introductory book to have, beside Castaneda’s work it can aid you in your quest