Yeah should be fine.




I tried to do a big double armed cross by hand and it turned out ugly, so i made it in vector format and i’m way more happy that way.

if you’re statisfied with your work, i’d say that does it.


Drawing your sigils and circles by hand with ink infused with your own blood works best. Though you can make substitutions as you see fit. I draw everything by hand and paint my circles, carve my wands, ect. I feel that putting my sweat and time into this charges the implements and binds them to me. I also use this time to meditate and connect with the demon I am working with. Listening to his whispers during this process will make your magick stronger! But I suppose making the designs in photoshop or whatever will work just fine. It just doesn’t feel right to me, so I go by the hand rout.


thank you all.