Without knowing too much about you, its fairly difficult to say what could be causing these things, but it sounds like youre starting to open up to magic and its possibilities. Ive noticed that when a lot of people are at this phase in their life, myself included, a lot of things that seem like bad luck occur.

Your computer crashing while playing skyrim is a good example. Now, i dont know your pc’s specs, so i cant say that such a graphically intensive game caused it to overheat :wink: What I can say is that video games, while they do have their purpose and benefits, are largely just methods of distraction that keep your mind from focusing on the “real” world and your own development.

When I was first learning magic, I remember that my computer, ipod, phone and tv all died in the same week. I was mainly just pissed off, and didnt really understand what was going on. In a month, I lost my home, my money and just about everything that kept me tied to the “real” world and its happenings. I lived in my car for 3 months and started practicing magic, as it was really the only thing that could keep my mind occupied. Then my car’s engine blew a gasket, and while it still served as a roof over my head, I had to walk everywhere, which in turn increased my magical focus.

Dont get scared, There is a happy ending, I got all my worldly possessions back and such, but not without the message that I dont need any of this, none of the distractions, none of the creature comforts, not even a place I can call home. All I really need is myself, and when my focus is sharp enough on that fact, anything I need or want is within arms reach. Im not saying these things will happen to you, everyone gets what is necessary for their own development.

So Im sure that’s not an answer you were looking for, but Ive found theres some truth to those old cliches, “god works in mysterious ways”, and “every cloud has a silver lining”. Blessings often come in disguise, and perhaps if you get frustrated enough, you’ll start seeking out methods in which you can bring some order back into your own universe :slight_smile:

Yea tell us some things about yourself, mainly age and what you’re into. This will allow me to gain a greater understanding of what is going on