Topic Removed!

I removed Dani’s topic about Elison! Banning the guy while somebody else still dedicates a thread to him can not be tolerated!

Dani, I want to ask you to stop already! The guy is history!

A guy? I always picked up a female energy when talking to Elison. “not insulting”

He’s a man. I know his name and saw his picture on Facebook.

Well, he’s gone, and that the important thing. Apparently Bran want’s the subject of him gone from this forum, and honestly it’s the best decision. Every subject about him has inspired scorn a derision, so flagging detailed posts about him that could evoke any sort of negative response keeps the peace. Hell, even if this post got deleted, I wouldn’t be mad; Bran’s removed a few of my posts and I ain’t complainin’ about any of them. Now we can actually start giving spotlight to posts about practice, or those that share and inspire practice.

Yes! No more dead horses!

Thank you.