Top WTF moments in your path so far?

  1. NDE: My astral body died, got buried and I physically felt the earth on top of me and felt myself digging my way back up. Supposedly this altered something in my path, was in a cult at the time and they were focused on death magick and shamanism.
  2. Felt really cold, I was shaking and going blue so I had someone take a look and some beings were doing something to my astral body either out of a debt owed to me or because they were told to, it wasn’t a bad thing but it must have been major to affect me like that in the physical.
  3. I’m psychically bonded to my soulmate, and one time I had some grief spells done on him and felt the entire thing happen, I even saw the casters energy at work and felt some of my own grief dull a bit which was trippy because I rarely see things since my senses are pretty crap.

So, what are some of the most WTF things have happened to you guys?


I wasn’t doing anything magick-related, just went to sleep. JUST, the second I put the head on the pillow, I started to hear a shitload of birds, and at least ONE just in my window. While possible, this never happened before. And a minute later I heard a womans laughter just in the room. I was alone and it wasn’t in my head, I truly heard her.

Crazy. That kind of things never happen to me.

  1. I met my Higher Self duing a shopping trip
  2. I realized that magick was more similar to Beat Angel Escalayer than to regular anime
  1. I was learning tarot and every reading I did for me had the temperance coming up! Like days in a raw! It went to wtf moment when I asked other people to do readings for me and they would get the temperance… was even insane when I watch YouTube readers and the pile I chose has the temperance in it… the card followed me to my dreams… it still hunting me…
  2. Jupiter followed me after a ritual and his entities would show up to work with me out of no where! I would wake up or think I did but was astral/dream state and fined this huge planet in my room! It was just wow!
  3. Some gods forced me and a bunch of people to take a survival test on the astral but I didn’t want to… i got mad and started visualising everything burns to the ground while chanting “let it burn let it burn” like a mad person! The one in charge got mad and kicked me out! My guides where ashamed of my behaviour… I wanna have fun in the astral, not take tests…

When me and a ex friend found this place in the etheric that was ‘guarded’ by demons and we tried to blow it up. We succeeded but everything physically started smelling like burnt wood and bleach for a week.

When I went to the actual void and my energy body dispersed and every Clair I worked on went out of wack.


I have have tarot PTSD too, but with the tower…

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I forgot one…one of my astral forms is a demon, a while ago I started seeing a demonic hand where my human one should be with my third eye :sweat_smile: not being able to see things all the time is both a blessing and a curse.


1 when i was summoning lilith and i physically heard the piano being played in the other room with no tv open.
2. when i was holding my pendulum above a table and it dropped on the table and i heard it hit the table and i looked for it for 10 minutes and didn’t find anywhere and i still don’t have it.
3. when i paid someone to do a ritual for me and i woke up with a black hole in my room

  1. This just happened the other day! I have this lamp that doesn’t wanna connect to my WiFi! I tried for two weeks straight didn’t work… so the other day I was gonna sleep early when I had plans to call Raphael! So since am sleepy and not really up to it I kinda thought ill try the lamp again! I said if it connected to the WiFi ill do my ritual (I was certain it wouldn’t and wanted to blame my laziness on a lamp not working)… guess what! Yeah it connected as soon as i opened the app on my phone! It didn’t take much effort… :rofl: it was crazy wtf moment I can’t find an excuse to be lazy! But now I know who can fix WiFi connections!!!

:snake: :snake: :snake:I was completely obsessed with a specific song for like 2 days, and the verse that I liked the most says, “the snakes speak in code”; I would sing the song all the time (this verse in particular), and I posted an Instagram story with a picture of me and this song playing in the background (again, this verse in particular). A bit later that same day, I also posted another picture of me, and this time I put a little sticker of a snake coming out from behind me. I didn’t really have any particular reason for all this snake-related stuff, other than that I really liked the song and I think snakes are pretty cool and “aesthetic”. The next day, I go out into the forest behind my house to gather some things for my work (I have been working specifically with Dantalion (by the way, praise him! I love him so much), and I felt like he was asking me to gather some white flowers for him), and before I even step foot inside the forest I see some movement on the ground, and notice something slithering. A snake. She was trapped in a web and her scales were hurt, so my parents and I helped her out and freed her near a river, and she went on her merry way. It was only when I got home that I realized wtf had just happened. I even looked up the meaning of snakes, amazed by the crazy synchronicity (or perhaps it was a manifestation? or seeing into the future?), and was very happy to find that they can signify healing, transformation, and spiritual guidance. I took this as Dantalion’s way of tapping me on the shoulder and telling me I am in the right direction, and that he will help me, since all this snake obsession began as soon as I started working with him.


Thank you for helping that snake, I love reptiles.

They represent so much. People have unwarranted fears of snakes due to the Genesis but they are actually wonderful and incredibly sentient.

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I did a first evocation to an Archangel today, in a cleansed environment and I felt sick for hours later. Hasn’t happened for ages, so that was a recent wtf moment for me.

My cat yells at me to go upstairs with her, goes into my temple, then yells at my black mirror (it’s 18 x 24 and stands on the floor) pawing at the side of it like she would at the back door to be let through, or the basement door because she just doesn’t like doors in her territory to be shut - that’s a cat thing.

There’s a regular mirror in the same room she doesn’t do this with. This makes me WTF.