S’up BALG,

It occurred to me just how many roles we as magicians take upon ourselves while practicing our art.

Craftsman (or woman)

So I wanted to make a thread dedicated to all the tools we make while practicing our magic. From Eva’s altar and everything TWF makes, to those of us who are trying our own hand at make our tools.

Here are some pictures of what I have been making for my own use.

Jason Miller’s Planetary Seals

The First Gateway as altar and triangle

And a portable rune altar

Post your pics!

Michael Altar

Jupiter Table of Practice

Pauline Arts Table

Rose Cross Altar


Orobouros Altar

Pendulum Board

Gateway of Pacts and Seal of the Sorcerer

Circle and Triangle

I’ll be making some more stuff soon lol.

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Goetic Circle Drawing

Elemental Tablets(showing some wear) :stuck_out_tongue:

The first of my Fear Fetishes.


  • Human Calcaneus (Base)
  • Moonstone (Eye)
  • Assorted Animal Teeth (Teeth)
  • Shellac (Sealant)

LOVE this thread they’re soo beautiful!

Lol i can say im jealous haha beautiful work brother