Tools for magick?

What tools do you recommend for invoking spirits, Demonic Sigil magick, Demonic evocation, Baneful magick and meditation?

It depends entirely on the system one is working in.

To bring demonic energy into my room! What tools can I use for that?

Thank you!!!

I’m still learning. But that is one of the things. I need in order to manifest what I desire and need.

Use your finger to cast a circle — even the hexagram can be drawn with the index - I used the hexagram a lot with planetary magick and it worked potently.

You can use a wand or stick, I am lucky enough to have a wand bind with a particular energy that has clear quartz at the end. It is a wooden carving of a man’s face at the top. He has a long beard, anyway — and even then, you must tap into that certain energy and that requires more than just tools of the craft but rather tools of the mind. It all starts in your head.

Like I said, it depends on the system you are using.

There are many ways you can “bring demonic energy into your room,” but it sounds like you should look into demonolatry and its enns.

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