Tool for calculating planetary hours

Ever heard about that certain spirits are ideally summoned during certain days and certain hours? Ever caught yourself wondering how to determine that exact time?

Hope it helps.


Cool…I like this one.It looks pretty on the screen

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Oh wow thanks dron :smiley:

anybody know an app like the chronosxp previously linked but for os x?

I literally just posted a link to a planetary hour calculator less than twelve hours ago in another thread. Guess everybody’s on the same track.

But, as a free bonus I’ll recommend the software Magicalc as well. That’s the only software I recommend. Most of the apps out there suck and can’t be relied upon to give you the right hours.

The Lunarium and Magicalc are the best ones I’ve found. On non-Windows systems, I just use a link to that site on my desktop.

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I use this tool myself! Easy to use.

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