Took an All-Nighter, then Old Ones Speak to Me in Drifting Consciousness

Last night, I stayed up all night working on my punk rock vest. Didn’t finish it, unfortunately, but I did get a lot done. Throughout today, I’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness, and the few waking dreams I remember, I was summoning Old Ones. I remember Nyarlathotep and Cthulu, but the others’ names I do not recall, mainly because until these dreams I had not heard them. In evoking them, everything was black, like a desert at night without stars or a moon, and the desert ground was rocky and black. I could only see for several feet in every direction around me, after this length it turned into black fog. It would make sense for the Old Ones to call me if I had more experience with the mythos, but I’ve only read Dagon! I’m wondering what my next step should be.

Another thing: earlier, I told a friend I could have easily made a theta gamma sync in my altered state, but it would be in vain since I would fall asleep immediately afterwards. However, in my waking dreams, everything seemed to last for hours, but when I came to and looked at the clock, each time it had only been a few minutes. The smallest dream-material time ratio I had was around 10 minutes to about 5. All in all, I’ve spent several months in this state just within today. It’s fucking weird and I love it.


Finishing vest rn. Gonna try thathis again, see if I can stay in longer and get more info. Was I in the dreamlands? I heard there’s a rift in time there. I wonder if I can escape the ritual setting, if I try hard enough.

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Wonderful experience and indeed this is what Ive experienced with the Old ones too. After getting inot TGS I immediately fall in a dream like state and there I saw my first Outer Entity after that many followed. Keep us up mate, thanks for sharing with us!

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