Too "pure of heart"

I don’t want to make this too long of a post. But last night while doing some very simple magic related practice, I received a bit of an interesting message from a spirit. He simply said, that I am much too “pure of heart” to REALLY walk a path of a black magician.

It’s left me thinking. How does one become less pure of heart, less moved by constant wishes to be compassionate? It was an interesting evening for sure.

There could be a double meaning here - you heard “pure of heart” and took it to mean compassion, and that means you still elevate conventionally religious/white-light/whatever concepts above getting what you need to thrive and be happy.

You could have heard “pure of heart” and assumed he meant you were a total psychopath with no-one and nothing ever getting in the way of you having what you wanted…

Hard to be certain, but I consider myself a loving and generally a very kind person, I’ll help someone rather than harm them unless I have a reason not to, but no demon has ever called me on that, so I think the challenge here is more about your own value system, if you see what i mean?

I almost commented on that earlier this morning but decided to let someone else say it instead. But you hit it right on the mark what I was gonna say.

Realize that the root of your compassion comes from self pity and ego. You only feel sorry for someone when you can imagine their circumstances happening to you. If you can’t imagine it happening to you, they get no pity.

Now I have never had kids and doubt I ever will, but if a good friend has something happen to one of her kids, I can certainly feel compassion for my friend. Even a mother on the news, whose child has been harmed, I can feel for, even if I don’t know that mother from Eve.
White lighters often practice putting others’ needs before their own. That, I see as an impedance to the LHP.

I’m sure everyone has at one point heard of someone doing something so incredibly stupid, that you can’t possibly fathom doing what they did yourself. The inevitable response is “THey get no sympathy from me!”

Oh, just throw em a few bucks and let your money demons know that you expect that money back by close of business, paid at 9000% interest.:smiley:

The above has been known to work.
I do get what you’re saying though, Cusp. I’ve been reading and watching stuff about John Lennon’s killer and seriously shaking my head. Every part of his story is more fucked up than the next. Next time some Xtian talks about black magick sending people mental, tell them that Lennon’s killer was one of their mob. That is true, which adds a whole other level of fucked-up! It is very, VERY hard to feel any sympathy for him.