Too much noise

I have very noisy people living upstairs, my building is litterataly next next to a small manufacting plant which runs well into the night, the railroad tracks are up the road and the fraight trains rattle and clunk at any time. Now to top it off my house guests are constantly blasting the tv down the hall. Last night I was trying to do some practice with opening the working with sigils and it was then that I realized this noise is beyond ridiculous to work over. I don’t really want to try to practice in the middle of the night when all is finally quiet. I wonder if it could work to use music and headphones. Anyone done this? What could I listen to though? Obviously anything to involved or with lyrics I would think would be a problem. If anyone has dealt with noise issues I would love to hear from you lol.

You could use shamanic drumming, classical music, ambient music, nature sounds (ocean waves, birdsong, etc - all these are readily available on YouTube) or buy foam earplugs sold for people travelling by plane, or expensive noise-cancelling earphones as a last resort.

I lived in a place with heavy traffic outside, even at night, and used drumming a lot for that. Just be careful with the volume, you don’t want to damage your hearing drowning things out!

All of the above are good suggestions, and you could try white noise, as well. If you have a radio, tune it between stations and adjust the volume appropriately. A fan or A/C window unit will provide white noise as well. I’ve found that with practice and determination, you can simply tune out extraneous noise all by yourself. My kid is a Metal Head (you try to raise 'em right, but, eh) and when I’m working his music gets a little loud sometimes. I’ve been able to just tune it out, but it did take some time and effort to learn to just let it go and become meaningless background noise. Kinda how I feel about most Metal, anyway, lol.

Whhhhhaaaat? Metal is the music of the gods! Sounds like parenting done right to me :wink: lol

Anyway I agree that you will most likely get used to the noise and eventually you won’t even be aware of it anymore. The trick is to get so absorbed in what you are doing that you don’t even notice it. I live in a very noisy flat so I can totally relate!

I like Mastadon, Isis, and a few others. It’s the stuff with the death grunt vocals that I just can’t take seriously. No offense to those who enjoy it.

The trick is to get so absorbed in what you are doing that you don't even notice it.

Exactly. You get frustrated by it, and that sets up a kind of feedback loop. Frustration is the enemy of a calm, relaxed mind. The trick is learning to let the frustration go. Easier said than done, but def doable.