Too much magic?

I had an important issue to be solved , so i was doing one same ritual every night.

i did it for nearly 8 nights but yesterday night in the midst of the ritaul i had very strange negative vibes coming.

It was like that someone was saying that i am doing too much magic.

so i ended in the ritual in between.

Is it normal? has this ever happned to anyone here ?


If you’re not letting your desires leave you, then it’s too much.


I don’t believe its a matter of doing a ritual every day, but what toll it takes on your system. For example, a pentagram or hexagram ritual, headless ritual, etc are done every day by thousands upon thousands of magicians.
If your invoking and getting possesses by a different entity (especially if their natures are conflicting) every day, it would probably take a toll on your system.


Yeah you’re doing it too much if that’s what you feel. Some rituals demand that amount of work, and that’s up to you. Set a point of how long you’ll do the ritual before you begin and after the day when it’s done, don’t do anymore work for that desire and forget it.


Trust your instincts, man. If that is the very first strong impression you get in your mind, then yes, lay off, relax, and recharge. Hit it back up when it feels right. What works for me is contemplating the idea, while listening to Spacegrass by Clutch.


thanks everyone !

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Im quite new to this but I’ve heard several times that it needs time to work. The wheels of the cosmos, as it were, do not often move swiftly.
Preforming the ritual and then letting go, trusting it will be fulfilled.
That may be what you were feeling. Most of all, perhaps, trust yourself, your guides, and your intent.

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