Too much Femininity

havent been on the forum for awhile.but ive been dissapointed that there is alot magick,love triangle and break up stories. ive even seen stories about womens hygeine.all the watchers here are women. it would be nice to see mr koetting put some hot women that will show their breasts in the cinematic preview videos. wish mr koetting would open a permanent thread about using magick to seduce women.

that red head woman is sexy.

I love the red head! Very sexy.

However with out any disrespect this is a forum dedicated to magick, it isn’t about pornography.

You say that it would be nice to EAK to put some topless chicks in the cinematic previews. Well he can’t because YouTube does not allow that.
And a lot of people aren’t going to take him seriously if he does that.
People already criticize BALG for it’s marketing, some of that criticism I feel is warranted.

And forgive me if this comes across offensive …
But if you are feeling that you need to see more boobs in everything, you should go out seeking sexual partner(s) so you don’t feel that way as much.
Don’t get me wrong, again I love the red head and love beautiful women.

In regards to the thread about using magick to seduce women. As with a lot of magick, you can’t just rely on high magick to manifest things in your life a lot of the time.
You also should be using your own lesser magick to make things happen.
Make yourself as attractive to women as possible, get in shape, get your shit together and become successful in you endeavours and present yourself well.

If you are far enough down the path of ascent, you won’t need to rely on a thread about seducing women to get what you want.
The way you are talking is comparable to threads on forums saying "Teach me how to hack computers."
First you must learn programming, operating systems and networking to become a good hacker. You shouldn’t be relying on following a step by step tutorial.

Magick takes time to learn, and I suggest anyone wanting to utilize it to anywhere even remotely close to it’s full potential takes time to learn, practice and master different magickal practices.

I expect that one of the moderators may edit your post to remove the image.

i doubt that my post will be censored because this left hand path black magic group.but you are right about that, people wont take koettings videos seriously if it starts to become pornagraphic.

it would be cool to have a thread about it.there is other threads that people use for advice so whats the difference.

its not pathetic to be over indulgent. anyone thats on this forum cannot say that they dont use threads and read.

Erm, the love & lust spells section was very active from day 1 of the forum when most members except Zoe were male - E.A. doesn’t look like a chick to me, and he did a whole live video about a love spell recently, which has its own thread?

I posted it (and I am indeed one of the fairer sex) but you’re welcome to do the same and make it a “guys only” thread if you like?

And where are all the threads about magickal san-pro and other lady’s hygiene items? (Edit to add, right I see the post you mean - ONE off-topic post by a new member doesn’t mean a trend. Get a grip.)

Yes some of us use menstrual blood in rituals but dudes on here have always talked about using semen, and guess what - same thing.

all the watchers here are women.

If you mean moderators then I’ll give Gozer & Claidheam their credit, since I’ve seen what both look like - they hide it well.

Kudos, ladies. >_<

it would be nice to see mr koetting put some hot women that will show their breasts in the cinematic preview videos. wish mr koetting would open a permanent thread about using magick to seduce women.

What, because like, he gets his top off and yet there are no topless women? lol yeah, blame society for that, not fair at all!

Best Thread Ever. :smiley:

Now man-up Darrin, stop whining the wimmins are using all the pixels and post about what interests YOU. No man deserving of the title should give a flying fuck that there are a handful of women posting on a forum, unless he’s scared they’ll call him on his bullshit.

Darrins post sounds like something a FemiNazi would say (fyi i wont argue what a nazi should be like. I know the general use of the word). FYI Darrin I am no activist, but the Nazi Political system sits in line with christianity…one of the things they like to do is Negate ones Sexuallity by making certain things seem Ponographic when it shouldnt even matter. This is especially the case with Spirituallity AND spirits themselves being female spirits! Just crack open any grimoire.

Now of course I have nothing wrong with the Masculine side if things either. There just seems to be this imbalance of a Mental Disease in Society that doesnt accept the feminine aspect in everything including men…i.e. A Man can still be Sensitive and het still be Masculine and Heterosexual.

As for certain things looking Pornographic you may actually be right in lieu of missing a Greater point. That the salient fact is that this subject is controversial to many anyway, where the attraction of say a Target Market customer base are those whom are interested in more far out things and would only invest in their personal interests. There are many people that pay big money to go to strange seminars around the world. Example…some years ago I attended unconventional Hypnosis Seminars that teach things in the standard clinical schools of practice.

As for the use of female sexuallity in magick Sex Magick is very powerful so perhaps he is demonstrating that Concept. Sexual Attraction is a form of Hypnosis used in magick. Any SERIOUS practitioner knows that, and no doubt the more serious practitioners do that.

I agree - “men shouldn’t be posting here, too much masculinity” - “women shouldn’t be posting here, too much femininity.” Same bullshit, exactly.

Funny because I recall a post on E.A.'s facebook about how most BALG customers were male, and inviting more women to get involved - here ya go.

I’m also pretty sure that there are still far more active male members posting here - well, unless they’re all hiding it as well as those sneaky wenches Claidheam and Gozer of course! :wink:

To be serious for a brief moment, the trouble is, if you don’t LIKE something (like women, or flared trousers, or whatever) the smallest evidence of it makes you feel invaded…

One of the three forum mods (and two male admins) is a woman - “NO WAIT, it’s ALL OF THEM!”

What Darrin thinks when he sees some lady-folks daring to post:

“We come for your forums, DARRIN!”

i dont know who all the moderators are.i dont mean to single anyone out. sometimes i vent too much out loud.

i certainly didnt mean this topic to be towards anyone.

Well I’d say the subject was pretty unambiguous, beginning with the title, and you know, actions have consequences… :wink:

(Edit to add - my sweetie has just pointed out the hilarious contradiction of Darrin wanting to SEE more female flesh in his BALG videos, and yet READ less female input on the BALG forum - a well-observed point I feel I must add to this topic. Only certain types of feminine input welcome, eh?)

Seriously if you want to start a “dudes-only” thread about getting laid, go for it, it’s unusual but 1. there was a precedent a while ago when a male member posted something about magick that was a boys-only thing, and 2. most of the female members on here will enjoy the insight/comedy/whatever!

I do think that both men and women can THINK they want one thing, and very often they really prefer another - for example most guys say they prefer women to not wear makeup, but in reality red lipstick (or pink) slays them every time, and they’re more attracted to a girl with a bit of eye makeup on than none at all.

So I get it, I really do, and if someone wanted a thread for discussing gay-only or furry-only hookups, I guess that would be legit, right folks? There have to be certain subjects where you need to only hear from people who “get it” about what you’re thinking or feeling.

Meanwhile, look at this, and dream… :wink:

If I weren’t a mod I would have sent Darrin so many dick pics for the lolz. Why, Lawd? Why…?

Hey guys I am back from a vacation, what’s going on in this thread…oh…oh lawd…bye…

Well at least Darrin had the balls to post a Pic of a Red Head! And a Red Head of all choices! Now thats magick. She’s a Goddess…

If this is an attempt to provoke that pic from me, I did say “If I weren’t a mod…”

Shame, ain’t it?