Too much baneful magic


Recently I caught myself about to go into my temple and I had a list of five or six people to get rid of but I noticed that was the third time that week I had done the same thing. I think last month alone I cleared atleast ten people off my list… should baneful magic always be the solution?


Hey necromaster! It has been my experience that baneful workings arent always necessary. Depends on the situation and also the demeanor of the person, there are many angles and solutions to tackle a problem.


There is no better way to deal with annoyances than to rid them from your life completely.



A very good question…I suppose the answer could only be applied to the individual.

I have asked myself the same question after I started seeing this in a different light a little over a month ago…and I believe it had to do with the friendship of Azazel…I began to look at things…and see things all from an over view, which was different because previously I looked at everything from just my immediate focus (how will this benefit me…or that person should not have done that to me, etc.). Now I look at everything as a question of how does this effect the whole world because I realize my actions are going to have an effect and reflect on so many actions and choices down the road and have a ripple effect and connect to so many things I cannot even begin to see as they are so far away.

I have had enlightenment to the point where I have begun to ask myself, first, based on what just happened, even though it is very bad, what lesson can I learn and find in understanding in these causes that prompted this to happen in the first place…and how can I see the wisdom this can teach me and aid my understanding of this?

Today in reflection I began to ask about people posting on every board I have seen saying that some times their magic does not work and other times they have great success…now I believe (just my thoughts) that the spirit beings we call up to aid in whatever the project is, are way smarter than we even comprehend or at times can even begin to understand. Sometimes they say no…and do not aid us…when they can see if they helped complete the deed, it will upset the entire arrangement of things(the balance of the universe) and in all the other people this will reflect into their lives and the lives of even others way down the line…and they just say “NO” without even bothering to spend time trying to educate someone that cannot see the leaves because of the trees, meaning me.

So instead of hastily sending out the capos…I sit down and say to myself, let me take a look at all of this…I may be able to learn a great deal and help my advancement by taking a different direction…

But just one side of it…I am sure there will be more…



For me, I felt like I had to find a balance between annihilating people who get in my way, and simply moving them out of my path. I enjoyed baneful magic too much for awhile and it was draining my energy, taking my focus away from empowering myself, and changing my personality in ways that weren’t conducive to me having a prosperous life. So I started practicing banishments and bindings more on people who deliberately get in my way. Not that I don’t still practice baneful magic, just more judiciously.


Well it is not draining. I use my egrigores to do it if I can and get a lot of lifeblood in return which I think makes me want to perform more baneful magic instead of going out and directly feeding. My inner predator just seems to be taking over a bit too much these days.


I can see that, although that’s not something I’ve experienced. For me, it was like having crazy sex, wonderful at the time, need to lay around and recoup afterword. lol



Then can I ask you…do you feel there is a certain point that one can reach when everything directed in that manner is “too much”…that there is a limit to the actions? Will there be a point where crossing that line is going to be destruction of itself, in itself, and for itself? What can be the real benefit and “who” is really going to benefit from such a state?

I am not being judgemental at all, as I certainly have walked there. But I just am so curious and sincerly ask that question.



Well I am a huge lifeblood addict so I think that’s where my problem lies. Has anyone here gotten rid of a lifeblood addiction?.. Max can you elaborate I don’t really understand what you are asking


Do you think this baneful magic will gear up to such an extent that it will consume you as little by little it takes a larger portion of your thought process…and enjoyment…like a sex addict? Until that is all you want to do? At that point it would destroy you, if it reaches such a point.



I do believe it will… which is why I posted this


@Necromaster: I had a Mentor that used to say, “smite one, right one”. He always warned to do something good for someone after a curse to keep yourself balanced. Maybe that would help you.


Perhaps if I could deal with my lifeblood addiction I could stop with all of the baneful magic. I don’t know how to deal with that though so I’m in a spiritual rut. I do believe the smite one right one would help. My mentor said kill when neccessary and if not make a good reason.


Alot of these posts are great! I remember first starting on the path of magick and how i loved hurling curses and general negativity back at people for making my life a living hell( came out gay in a small town). Now that I look back I realize that being in that enraged state of mind was- FOR ME- very draining and I focused way too much on revenge than removing these people from my life or drawing in good things. I was very much alone and confused about my path as a magickal practitioner and I had not come to terms with how much power I really did possess. See, I knew magick had always been real and I knew that it worked. Maybe not all the time but more often that not I got results ( not always what I had in mind…mind you). But I think I felt overwhelmed and was lacking in self confidence but this whole story should be saved for some other time :slight_smile: Ridge Runner makes a good point about too much baneful magick being draining and I agree, sometimes it’s more effective to remove them from your “sphere of influence” and forget they exist and in time they will just disappear. Honestly as much magickal failure I had when starting out used to frustrate me and still does even though it happens less often but we learn more from failure. Maybe I’m over analysing though.


For various reasons I will not comment on this


Feel free to do whatever,i’ve heard it all before so if you want to crack a joke go ahead.


As a side note: Necromaster, maybe I said too much… maybe I said too little. But what I did not intend was to make a point that had nothing to do with my sexual orientation. You can crack a joke or have your opinion or whatever, but I would like to be treated with respect and decency please.


Your talking to the guy who spread a wave of suffering over every gay in my community. I don’t think its a joke I think its a disease that should be wiped out.


It appears that you were shut down from posting here for a few days because of your ability to anger everyone. I could care less about your sexual preference or any one else’s…it should not be an issue with developing magical abilities…

So if you can restraint yourself without causing anger, I would have no problem with your presense here…but after 4 attempts to come here and then have EVERYONE in anger, you seem to have some sort of mental problem…so I would suggest you work extra hard at peaceful endeavors…and being allowed here will all depend on your actions…not anyone elses.



If maxx didn’t get his message through I will make mine clear. In my eyes you are nothing but wasted lifeblood which I wouldn’t drink even in my weakest state. You are not welcome here and if I see you I will stop every operation I am on and I will slaughter you. Day and night I will make you suffer while I laugh and watch. Stay the fuck off of here.