Too many people know Black Magick

While I myself am grateful for EA to share this knowledge and power with me, I’m concerned with the future of mankind. Will this power descend the world into chaos? I know the law of matter one state of matter has to is exist so it’s opposite can exist, like prefection can only be seen by imperfection, and knowledge can only be seen by stupidity. Some religious zealots will stick their guns about Jesus Christ when they hear about magick, and some will see this power as evil, but more and more people are getting involved in this.

If you look at the way evolution is, the weak die and the strong survive. Black magicians are one of the most powerful people on the planet. If evolution takes place and all the weak uneducated people die out and black magicians are left, wouldn’t that destroy the world. People would be casting love spells on another magicians honey. Curses on each other. This is what goes through my head. Thoughts?

Evolution thrives on conflict, and the desire to do, be, and have more, you can’t switch that off and we all just drift around with blank smiles like the end scene in the 1975 “Stepford Wives”…

A world full of sheep like that, and the bidding rights to the weak minded and weak-willed, is why religions are killing and fighting right now, strong individuals who can go talk direct to their gods have no need of “hate preachers” and terrorism to get their message across. Like I’ve said before, what’s a Left-Hand Path suicide bomber going to do, blow himself up because he’s not totally sure that he’s God?!

I was actually told we need to evolve this way, that it will mean less problems, and liberation from all the cult crap. :slight_smile:

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Then it wont be hard to find black candles in regular local stores.


I totally know what you talking about, i Live in a Christian town of 15 000 Citezen and Black Candle are so Hard to find, i have to order them on the Internet

LoL…their doing spiritual warfare. No one notices the missing black candle conspiracy.

Yes, we already live in a paradise that former magicians could barely have dreamed of, and for all the snobbery about wiccans and new agers, the size of that market and the power of their money is making it possible to buy spell candles online with ease, and also, they cover for us - since someone may just as well be using a black candle to repel negativity in their love n’ light little world, as we are with all our curses and taking over the world, and suchlike things. :o)

I think it’s fantastic, then you can go on the net and find a site like this, all the occult forums and groups, we are truly the fortunate generations.

In the past, just the rumour you were a witch, male or female, would usually lead to an automatic sentence of extreme brutality and maiming, often followed by death. So let’s not ever do “their” work for them by worrying there are too many of us, or too many fluffy wiccans, or whatever - strength in numbers matters.

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I recommend Lady Eva watches the movie “Purge: Election Year.” If anything bad happens like witch hunts it would be Muslims doing purges.

Oh don’t worry, Lady Eva is already wise to that topic thank you, some of the more astute among you may have noticed subtle hints indicating that I’m not very fond of Islam, and fundamentalist Muslims, and this is a large part of why.

I’m weird with films, I think a lot of them have some very toxic brainwashing and I more or less refuse to watch anything dystopian, that stuff glamourises the decay of humanity, of the future, which is MY children, or at least my bloodline’s descendents - so, why would I pay Hollyweird to fetishize their destruction?

JMO but I feel quite strongly about it. :slight_smile:

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By the way, i should have mentioned it, but the reason why its Difficult for me to Find Black Candle in my town is strictly because my town is so Far from any ‘‘real civilisation’’ that i often make joke saying that i live 2km before the end of the World lol. I lived in a Great City for 3 month and black Candle were so easy to find there. I dont Believe in a ''Black Candle conspiracy , and i agree with you Lady Eva that we, Magician of Today live in a Literal Paradise that Magician of previous Generation could have only Dreamed of.

hahahaha - I can imagine someone creating a YouTube video with the typical dramatic conspiracy music.


hahahaha - I can imagine someone creating a YouTube video with the typical dramatic conspiracy music.


HAHA You make my Day ! Thanks!

Never let your guard down. The christians do have a “Dark Order” of a number of organizations. The “attack the ritual supply line” is probably the lesser of the evils by far. It is only things like The Law which would keep such institutions from doing far worse things to you.

Could it be possible that black magick could be known to too many people? What if hundreds of people evoke the same demon? Could that demon be in more than one place? Accomplish all the tasks at once, or one at a time?

No Black Magick cannot be known by too many people, Black Magick should be spread and teached to People as much as possible, so all learn to become their own god and goddesse,

As For a Demon, They can be a Hundred, Even Thousand of place at the same time and even more,

Not sure if i am right but it seem that your View of Black Magick is limited, i mean Black Magick is not about ‘‘Destruction’’ its about Balance, Equilibrium and Ascent in any Form it may take.

And in my own Opinion a World full of Black Magician that seek Balance and Equilibrium is much better then a World full of Debalanced People

That’s news to me…not a surprising thought but…hm. I grew out of my religious bigotry around entering middle school. I’ve never wondered if what I was doing was wrong when I came to this thought.

I don’t worry about lh or wh paths. I just practice and evolve.

Okay I mean this in a supportive way and not sarcastic, but I’m also being serious - get really good at magick first yourself, don’t worry about who else should be allowed to do it, what demons can or can’t do (in any event you’ll be able to ask them yourself soon enough) and focus on YOU, not trying to figure out what, if any, rules affect any other beings except yourself.

This stuff and worrying about people offending Azazel etcetera is just your conscious mind, trying to pin down magick into frameworks it can understand, of hurt feelings, ego, rules and regulations, and practical stuff like how can demons do whatever.

That’s the stuff of the material world, great when you’re planning a party and need all the food, drink and guests to arrive on time, and in the right order, but about as useless as a chocolate teapot when it comes to magick. :slight_smile:

Any time you hear a “But how can…?” or a “But what if…?” right now, that’s your mind trying to cling to what it knows, and not expand and grow. It’s trying to drag magick down to fit the rules of the mundane reality it already understands, rather than lift you up and expand into new realities.

We’ve probably ALL been there in some way, and some people never get past it, which is why as soon as they taste any power at all, they start laying down their own rules and trying to nail magick down into the existing frameworks of human society, of status and so on, and they’re WRONG to do so, but I guess some people never grow up.

Be fearless, step into your power, and the next time your mind tries to compare magick to any other known thing (with limitations and so on) tell it thank you for trying to protect you, but you’re on course for evolution now, and are learning a whole new concept of reality. :slight_smile:

No-one would ever learn to swim if they kept trying to apply the same rules you use on dry land to that, right? Same thing.

im really not quite understanding. How is my reality too small? could you elaborate?

Your conscious mind is trying to apply rules of scarcity, of the idea that it’s best if most people don’t have power, and of things like limited consciousness (you and me as humans can only be aware and active in one place, at one time) and so on.

It’s totally natural but IMO you need to overcome it.

Oh, I get it now! Thank you Lady Eva!

A black magician doesn’t care if other people know magick because they’re the best versions of themselves. If other people knowing this stuff makes you a bit insecure then you need to grow. Study and practice more. Make black magick your forte and destroy all of your opposition.

Also, fuck lightworkers. They’re just black magicians who’re ashamed of their true identities. All this help and service to others crap is just bullshit. They only serve themselves just like us.

Also you’ve got to really question what they’re doing. They put themselves in a place to help those who suffer. Why is this? Are they helping people? Hell no. They feed off of suffering like lowly parasites. They’re vampires of the lowest degree because they’re afraid to admit it. This help and service to others shit they’re selling is so people can let their natural defenses down enough in order to make things really easy to feed off of their victim’s suffering.

So yeah, you’re pretty much on your own as a black magician. Everyone is out for themselves but it’s not a bad thing though. Just be the best and you’ll survive. Nature hasn’t changed, just the environment has. It’s a concrete jungle out there. “Sharpen your spear and go hunting”.

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