Too many demons, too many angels on one request

There is one thing I need/want and after researching how best to fulfill this particular need/want, I petitioned one angel and five demons over the course of two weeks in separate rituals to apply their particular power to my request. It’s been over a month since the first petition and not only are there no results, the situation around the need/want is deteriorating.

Several of you have mentioned evoking multiple demons in one ritual to work together on an issue with good results. Is there ever a negative impact from working with multiples?

And yes, I know patience is critical, my patience was rewarded by Agares on another matter; however, patience is not my strong suit.

I look forward to all comments, the good, the bad, the ugly.


Ok, are you obsessing? Be honest.

Obsession can counter results


There’s a guy I follow on YouTube and he says that you need to forget that you did the ritual for it to manifest. If your conscious mind is thinking about it then you’re blocking the subconscious mind from working on it and manifesting. I’ve had pretty good results as a beginner from this advice


I was at first but I’ve calmed down a bit. Do I need to do this again and go into chill mode…sigh…


When you obsess you increase the time it would have otherwise took to manifest results, move on to something else to keep you preoccupied.

Yes I know this is difficult, to forget what you want most, it is quite literally a learned talent.

Good luck


It is definitely something I need to learn!

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One entity can be enough.I have been working with Sallos for 4 years.He always gives me what I want.

As a ps to my own comment… Forgetting my petition once it has been made is nearly impossible as the situation I am seeking to change is one that I must deal with every day. How might one forget in this situation?


All you have to do is forget you performed any ritual.

If no progress after a couple weeks try again and try not to focus on any work done.


Cool. I was wondering about that myself.

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Back to the price of fish: I’m curious on whether there are opinions on this original question?

I saw on another thread that personalities of the evoked Daemons can clash. But that’s not the same thing as there just been too many that would otherwise get along? Can too many cooks spoil the broth?

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I think it varies. Yes, some individual demons have personal issues with other demons, but above all they are professional so I don’t think their work would be affected.

As for too many demons, I don’t know if there is really a way to judge, other than through experiment. It could depend on the result desired. For example, in Baneful Magick, EA has a curse ritual that evokes 9 different demons to sic on a target, but that number might be overkill for something like a love or money spell.

To the OP @BattyDiva have you divined on the outcome? A tarot reading might be able to give you an idea if there is conflict or any other obstacle holding up your spell.

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I think it depends on multiple things, such as;

  • Practioner power (type and strength)
  • Power of entities (type and strength)
  • Desired results
  • Tasks needed
  • What entites you summon together (usually not a big deal in many European traditions but in some other traditions this does impact results)
  • How you want your intent carried out

Don’t spread one entity too thin but don’t have too many cooks brewing your stew either. Every power has a limit, even if that limit is hard for us to comprehend. I think the hardest part of manifestation is not just command but also realizing what you are commanding. Sometimes it’s better to have one powerful entity do your request and other times you might need specialists for every detail.


Tarot reading…great idea. I will see if I can get in to my regular reader tomorrow. Thanks!

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In hindsight, I think I could have called upon one entity to accomplish my task. If I revisit this situation with another working, I will likely focus on building a stronger connection to one and work from there.

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