Too big for shields

I’m not exactly sure how to describe this. I’ve attempted to write this post for several days now but just end up backspacing everything and hitting delete.

It feels like I’m bigger than my body and I don’t exactly fit inside.

When I was younger I had a really hard time because I didn’t know how to shield myself from other people’s energies. Feeling everyone at once put me in a really bad place until I learned how to “shield.”
However now it feels like my own energy fills the entire room and everyone is inside of me. It’s not just me feeling them, but its as if my energy is enveloping all of theirs, and it really messes with me when I have classes and have to spend an hour and a half with 30 other people in the room, or when I’m walking through the hallways. I’ve had to be an asshole lately and tell people not to touch me when walking by because I cannot stand feeling that many people’s energy all at once. It feels icky. All because I just can’t stay inside myself.
I have to cleanse myself each night because it’s like I have carried pieces of them all.
I’ve set up shields, just as I always do, but what good is that if it feels like I take up an entire room. It hasn’t been working.

My hearing and sense of smell has become so accute that I have to have complete silence at home. I can’t even stand the ticking of a wrist watch in a drawer on the other side of the house. I should not be having to deal with that. It sounds as if it’s right by my ear. That’s just an example. I can hear anything if there are no doors blocking me from where they are.
I went out and bought ear plugs to wear but ultimately it ended with anxiety because although the outside sound was muffled, I could hear my heartbeat and breath and could feel my veins pumping. It made me feel trapped which is odd to me because it’s my body… yet I feel trapped.

Alright family. I’m open for ideas and suggestions. Wtf is going on


You’re just naturally a wicked powerful projective energy manipulator is all.

Most people with big auras don’t shield around it, they just use the aura itself as their shield instead.

Feel something tryna cash you ousside? swat it into next week with a pulse.


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Wow. How do I go about doing that? Would I stop feeling everyone’s mushy energies?

these are the growing pains of what is known as OMNIPRESENCE.

your spirit grows in scope every day. do not shy away from it do not reject it just because you feel others rubbing against you, this is what you are and proof that you are becoming a god.

expand your spiritual influence every day! do not stop! not even when you feel the spirits of the entire earth and the stars, keep going until you are the universe itself!


This is honestly just theory, but have you tried hardening the outer portion of your aura like a shell or exoskeleton rather than creating a shield?


I didn’t know that was possible. I suppose I could try this.

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I’ve actually been experiencing something like this. I cannot describe it but when it happens… I just can’t help but sit there and let tears flow. Not because I’m sad… but the closest thing I can describe it to is feeling every emotion one experiences throughout an entire lifetime within the eternity of a second. It’s a good kind of hurt.


like i said, these are just growing pains


No you’re still gonna feel everything. But a big aura is a potential sphere of influence ripe for exploitation, because auras are essentially burnoff soul radiation. That energy’s YOURS, and it’s infused with the space around you out to its very edge. Nothing nonphysical’s gonna stay in that space for long if you don’t want it to, unless it’s really REALLY pissed off and nasty and powerful.

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You sound like me when I was younger. You are very sensitive to the environment and very wired for input, don’t do anything but ground yourself daily and I bet you will feel less huge and more integrated. Walk barefoot on the grass or earth anywhere daily, walk through forests and this too will heal and ground. Problems with today’s world is humanity has forgotten the basics of natural life. STAY GROUNDED to earth directly everyday of your life. You’ll never regret it. Ground yourself for electronic energies in the same manner! There are products that can do this, magick isn’t needed… it is all natural and humanity has gotten lost indoors separated from the mother gaia for too long. Rubber soled shoes also keep you off the earth. Not good. Buy all leather shoes if you can find them, if not make them from leather or suede scraps you can find on etsy shops or amazon for some of these things. I’m not against magick for a lot of things but nature is a part of us and if we keep ourselves separated we will suffer all kinds of maladies and energy blocks etc… Be Well dear. You are in your youth, be glad of it and keep safe in Gaia’s arms.
/|\ <3


That right there

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I have been noticing that the emotions of those who are closest to me begin to be affected by how I’m feeling. Physically and emotionally it’s like they begin to mirror me. My head starts to hurt, then my mother’s head starts to hurt.
I had a random pain in the right palm of my hand, and then my boyfriend began to get the same pain, despite me not even mentioning it.

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Thank you. I agree. I have been making sure to lay in the grass the past couple days.

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Set up a servitor or perhaps your own energy in such a way so as to clean the ickiness from yourself, something like an automatic filter for anything that gets into your aura, as well as automatic shielding/block for any dirt coming from people in your aura.

You can contact Vine to help you - he is excellent for this and other such defenses.

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Very Good. Anything helps, I understand your annoyance with the problems you’re having.

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That’s a good idea. Thank you. Honestly I have yet to make a servitor. I’m afraid of neglecting it, but I will try it I’ve been meaning to.

Condense yourself until you’re not everywhere anymore, the more condensed the more energy you can pop off at a moments notice and the better your “perimeter” defense would be, think of it as hitting a dense metal wall instead of wading through water.

Alternatively, are you sure this is your aura growing too big? Have you been performing magic with your own emotional energy? Working to expand your awareness?

Aside from that you’re acting as a sponge energetically speaking right now, which is incredibly unhealthy, try and be more deliberate with where you get energy from, just because they’re in your aura doesn’t mean you have to take from them or let them feed into you, simply allow it to dissipate.

If none of these suggestions work then an alternative is to develop a stronger energetic metabolism, which is to stay break down their energies into pure energy instead of letting the emotional energy cling to it, this’ll help with the immediate side effects but won’t stop the long term damage it could do, which is why I recommend getting control over where you get your energy from.


How would one do this

On these notes, OP, I suggest the vampire codex

Unifying work in general, some easy ways to do it are the meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, such as the meditations

1:“In truth forms are inseparate. Inseparate are omnipresent being And your own form. Realize each as made of this consciousness.”,

2: “Feel the consciousness of each person
As your own consciousness. So, leaving aside concern for your self, Become each being. This consciousness exists as each being,
And nothing else exists.”

3:“Feel yourself as pervading all directions, Far, near”

To expand yourself you have to break the limits of what and who you are.

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