Tonight's invocation 30/5/20

Prior to tonight’s invocation I took a shower and said incantations to rid myself of energies I had picked up during the day. Once I was dressed I then performed a qigong and meditation ritual which lasted for 8 minutes in total. I spent another 10 - 15 minutes performing candle meditation with various hand gestures to prepare my energy for ritual.

I then cleansed two offering bowls, and a small glass for the ritual. One bowl was to contain an orange and the other water. I had the for elements represented on my altar.

Next I performed Lucifer’s Banishing Ritual:
Tools Needed: An object with Lucifer’s sigil upon it.


  1. Take your object or a piece of paper with Lucifer’s sigil on it. Ensure you are relaxed and grounded.

  2. Connect with Lucifer’s energy and gaze at it sigil. Begin by facing East and say with intent:
    “My mind, body and soul is protected and is surrounded by Lucifer’s protective energies.”

  3. Then face North and again say with intent:
    “The energy of Lucifer flows through my mind, body and spirit.”

  4. Next face west and say with intent:
    “The powers of Lucifer are surrounding me and protecting my ritual place.”

  5. After that face South and say with intent:
    “By the will of Lucifer no other spirit shall interfere with this ritual.”

  6. Return to the East, gaze into Lucifer’s sigil once more and again say with intent:
    “This ritual space, my mind, my body and spirit and my intensions and this ritual are guided, powered and protected with the powers of Lucifer. Then so Mote it be.”

Altar set up for tonight’s invocation.

After performing the invocation ritual, here are the questions and answers:

  1. I asked this: “What is your honest opinion on Crystal Grids to be used in rituals?”

Lucifer answered with:
“Crystal Grids serve a purpose in amplifying the energy within a ritual place. You must find a way to tap into the power grid implement it how you see fit. I will guide you once you are ready to harness the power of the crystals you will use. You must devise your own Crystal Grids to aid you with your rituals. When activating these grids, do so with the utmost intent. Put a great deal of time and effort into cleansing, consecrating and charging your crystals and grids. You can always ask me to bless your ritual. I will instruct you in what to say.”

  1. Next I asked this: “I would like to create my home into a living temple. Would you assist me in this projectand give me your opinions and ideas?”

Lucifer replied by saying:
“Living in a temple that is abundant with magickal energy may seem like an enlightened concept, however, this will develop slowly over time as you discover more about the different types of magick. Like your/our altar, that will evolve overtime, so will you. As your power, spirituality and psychic awareness develops further, your journey will on new directions and your home along with your ritual place will evolve as you do.”

  1. The next question I put to him was: “What is my next main step on my journey on the LHP and am I ready?”

Lucifer’s reply was:
"Your journey has many choices that you have to make, some of these choices will be easy and some of them very difficult. I woild like you to Pathwork with me, however, before that can be undertaken, you must continue to work on yourself. Even though your power is growing, you are lacking in other areas and it is these that require a lot of work. Focus your attention on the areas that lack power. Find rituals to empower you in these areas that are lacking in power.

  1. The fourth and final question I asked was: “Will you assist me in consecration of anither altar and how will you do that?”

Lucifer answered with:
“I will assist you in the consecration of your altar, but not tonight as you are feeling exhausted. This invocation tonight has used more energy. Prudence dictates that it would be wise to conserve your energy and rest.The time for consecration you will know as you will be abundant in energy. Don’t burn yourself out. Enjoy the success in rituals that you take your time in. Quality is more important that quantity.”


Good work , keep it up

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Thank you. Everyday I improve by 1%.