Anyone have anything interesting planned for tonight?

Playing with dangerous chemicals tonight!..and tomorrow… and Monday. Stupid work.

Cruising the VA Beach strip getting into trouble.

Nice!! I used to live in Va Beach for the last 5 years before I moved out to the SW part of the country. I do miss the ocean!

I don’t think I could live anywhere not close to the water. :slight_smile:

Im in The Basement casting a circle tryint to open martals sigil.was going to go to the bar to see all the hot women in there sexy costumes but i dont get paid till tommorow.

Bacon tonight.

Human sacrifice

Well, that accelerated quickly.

Well, that accelerated quickly.[/quote]

That really gotta outta hand fast! Lol love that one.

Oh! Di…di…did I post THAT outloud? I went bacon too!!! No really er guys…uhmmm…I meant candy. I’m getting candy tonight.

You could always get candy FROM human sacrifice…I’ll leave you to sort out the details on how that would work…


Then it looks like I have been doing BOTH of those things wrong…

In this day in age you cant even joke about violence without The F.B.I Begining To Monitor Your Online Activities. The definition of cyber bullying recognized by the courts makes me want to throw my computer out.your computer is the way the government gathers and records evidence of everything you do right out of your home. But i had a good halloween without my computer.but i didnt get to go out to the bar and see all the hot women in there sexy halloween costumes

I roamed the streets of new orleans like the heathen that I am!

IP Blocker

On halloween I talked with what appeared to be an astral chicken, thats all I’m going to say about that right now.

Abrasax? ROFL