Tomb searching

Not sure if I should put this here, or in omnipresence, but I’m still obsessively contemplative and don’t feel it qualifies as “soul travel” although I remember details with near perfection.

As I drifted off last night (sober, even on New Years) I found myself traveling to a location I can’t pinpoint but is nearby to me, a tomb of sorts. Two of my friends were with me from the beginning, and I could at will pull a “map” of the “tomb” into my mind showin the location my people were at. I remember it was lower than sea level, and possibly stretched across (the Mississippi) at one point.

The entrance was an almost grey/tan “cover” if you will with designs of animals (lions, tigers, dragons) decorating it, as if almost protecting it. We lifted it away (damn heavy thing it was) and entered the “tomb” we had to solve various puzzles along the way to the “main room” and while I can’t actualize the “puzzle rooms” I could draw a ‘to-the-t’ mapping of the place with elevation scale and everything.

It was too real to dismiss as just a dream, and while this was happening I kept waking and willing to go back and I would. We’d meet up the same 3 of us every time and go further until the “main keep” one of the times my buddy was leaving to go get someone else, and I wouldn’t let him leave without us other 2 but I couldn’t catch him before he was gone to go with, so me and my other friend ended up just leaving. I came back with another friend who knew more about it and was there to help unlock the rest of the main keep.

I could talk with my friends while they were distances away from me and was trying to get us to all regroup at the tomb to go further, which is around when I woke up for the final time and couldn’t find the relaxed state to go back. Now I can’t get these details and the curious interest I now have out of my head.

Does anybody know if there’s actually a tomb of some sort near pike county Missouri? I’ve been having increased progress in my experiences, but nothing on this level has come close to happening, until now. And before you ask I’m getting ready to ask a couple of my friends if they had the same experience last night. Any insight?

please do give an update concerning your friends. if they haven’t experienced the same, maybe they were not conscious when it did happen.
as for the tomb, you could always use google for some info. bless you!

Local archaeological & history groups should be able to help there, also try looking on Google Earth and see if there’s anything in the landscape that you recognise as the pattern of this.

It’s interesting that it had lions, tigers, and dragons - as far as I know none of those symbols were used by the native tribes, as they didn’t have the cats and didn’t use dragon symbolism, although we do have evidence that what we think of as “native Americans” weren’t the first or only inhabitants of north America, unfortunately the study of this is bogged down by racial politics, so fidning a definitive answers is made somewhat more difficult.

So your imagery is eaither very old indeed, or relatively modern, if it’s a physical thing.

Given that I repeatedly see a flying city at a location above what used to be an indifferent small-town second-hand furniture shop, I think what I’m seeing there is symbolic of a larger copncept and also, possibly, an energy structure that exists for real in the astral (or other non-physical) realms - this may be the case for what you saw, in which case, you should be able to soul-travel to it and explore?

I tried to project myself back last night and it kind of worked. I feel like I’m visiting something of my past. I get images that sort of “flash” through my mind and are gone of the whole place being raised out of the ground. It seems like if it is a thing, it was professionally excavated and build with almost modern tools (cement, stabilizing structures and what not)

It seems like a structure of either historical purpose, or something of an energetic resonance, and where I am it would make sense for a structure like that to be. When I have time to fully research the area and what’s lying around I definitely will, and I’ll give an update about it.

Either way it goes, it definitely feels like it has a high vibrational level when I’m there and we never got intruded on by anything… It’s a very weird construct as the “puzzle” if you will in the main keep is like something I haven’t seen even in a movie lol. What thick walls to be guarding whatever lies beyond them.