Tolumbines and livescience

Binding the chaos element in panoramic sange is appropriate for jinn and djaal novice work?
I am extremely dedicated to my philosophy of getting it in while the persectioner is being scooped for ze little soul cam.
One solitary practitioner here, taking on the so-called ‘pillars’ of the community.
Help me mete out Justice…Ministry style.
Integrity in Cheque.


Novice to black sorcery
I am cramming for the bar in PA NY and NJ

I survived a holocaust, sexual slavery, chemical warfare and demonic invasion. I have very graphic photos, and several journals in discourse and practice
My family has been torn apart by this, my dad lost his life. This has taken over my life completely over the last 18 months or so, and I am absolutely dedicated to my journals (Absceth)
I can make a patented pact for a level nine Tolumbine. Pm me if you’re interested. I am homeless and alone, and looking to relocate with my familiars. No Godzilla complex here, honest work and dedicated Ethics.
Ministry of Integrity initiated.
Solo practitioner, mecuniform, Iron Tablets, OTO, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Ruthless Gaming, Archane Avenger. Model Expert. Tired of tying this on by myself, seeking my purest male counterpart for for integrateous contact, mystery religion, and deep connection. Dead sane.

MOMO integrated

This seems like an ‘about me’ journal post, moving to Journals category.


Am I the only woman on here you have an interest in being rude to? I’m genuine in my verse, brother, I don’t know what I am going to do about your dame red though.

I’m not sure why you think a factual statement was rude? I do read this as an ‘about me’ and I did move it to the Journals category. That category allows this ‘look at me’ thread which did not invite discussion to be taken in the appropriate context.

The fact that you precipitously played the gender card has been noted, and sends a message about your character. I don’t care about your gender, I care about your words - they’re the only thing you have to represent you here: an asynchronous, written format. I have no idea what a ‘dame red’ is so I can’t respond to that. You should of course do as you see fit. If you want advice on how to proceed by all means ask - that’s what this site is for.


With all due respect, I didn’t ask. Livescience, anyone?

Actually that’s exactly what you did:

… You see, just look at were you are: It’s a public forum, which means by it’s nature anyone can post on any thread within the rules. (And indeed, not within the rules but it’ll be deleted and they banned.)
You didn’t have to ask, but you did, so you got an answer. That’s kind of how it works.

Oh unless you though by being hostile you could deter people, and me specifically from talking to you? Is that it? That’s not how it works :slight_smile:

A basic search shows that’s never been a topic here, but I notice the website is very broad in it’s coverage. There are people here who have or are working on various science degrees, I have a degree in Theoretical Physics for example. Ask specific questions and someone will be able to help you I’m sure.


I agree with you @Mulberry , this is clearly somekind of group working/ journal. @Brandi , I suggest you read through a few other threads to get a feel for how things work around here. Welcome to the forum btw

Ha, well then you’re In good company. I’m credentialed myself, so how about that livescience?
I’m sorry if you thought I came across as hostile, but this is the third post in order that you have made it a point to comment uselessly and hatefully on, I’m wondering if we might not try it again

Thank You So Much, It Is My First Day Here.

Ok, what’s your subject?

Regarding livescience, since you did not correct my mention of the website, am I correct in assuming that’s the ‘livescience’ you mean?
As I said, the articles there cover a wide range of topics. What do you want to know?

At first glance, it appears to be an entertainment site, with sensationalised pseudo-scientific clickbait articles that have no citations and highly dubious information.

This first article I came across - not claiming it’s representative, necessarily, just that it’s a featured article for today - is frankly embarrassing and I won’t waste my time on a written analysis - it’s pretty transparent why.

If you want science, try this:

Well, that’s the trouble with first-glance ad-hominem attacks, isn’t it?

If you’re planning to stick around, I’m going to go ahead and say what we’re all thinking: please aim to make your posts a tad more coherent and representative of normal human conversation.
I’ve looked through some of your recent post and things seem a tad addled at times. Isn’t giving off the best first impression. As things stand, my initial impression was that some of your posts were perhaps roleplay or even trolling. The frankly bizarre intro springs to mind


An ad-hominen attack is a personal attack. Are you accusing me of the same?

I’m not aware that I or anyone here has attached you personally. If that is what you claim please explain exactly why and how you think I have done so?

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Good luck.

I used to know someone else who communicated like this - as far as I can tell, it’s the hallmark of someone that is trying to use advanced language without really understanding what it means. The result is fairly meaningless word-soup.

WHAT is the trouble with ad-hominem attacks? What are you talking about?
I suspect the answer your question might be, “no, it’s clearly not”. If you figure it out do tell. :smile:

On a serious note:
If you feel you have been personally attacked, or a post offends you, please use the Flag feature to bring it to a mod’s attention and appropriate action will be taken.

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I’ve dropped Eva a message, reckon she’ll be interested in this one

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