Today's journal is

So today was supposed to be the first day I. Had a non-business call / visit with furfur well he came and left idk why but I told him I am unable to hold up my end today since. Doing my hair takes time … I wanted to look nice for him…but I said maybe when I’m done you can pull me out my body and we can go on a date

He replied what’s a date…

So I told him oddly enough
And continued
However strange things have been happening since the ceremony that’s never happened before I keep getting the taste or Carmel or the smell of apple cinnamon mix with strawberries or just strawberries…and to make matters way worse on this every freaking time I get turn on it happens about two or three times every day on n off at random ass moments it’s rediculious
I actually hate the taste of Carmel unless it’s on a twix bar…why is this happening anyone know?
So now after I get my hair done and cut it how it needs to be he says

You look extremely beautiful

All I can think about is where. The hell u been all my life after that
I know he has been there this whole time silent watching over me buuuutttt my dear dark God he is just too much amazing my human spouse said you cut it uneven and I don’t think the color is right for you …

Anyway ugh idk guess I’m rambling ha it’s kinda funny nothing too exciting or extremely important but hey thought I’d share and ask questions